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Remembering Marvin Dunnette

Marvin Dunnette, 80, a professor emeritus of Psychology at the University of Minnesota died September 18, 2007, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Enhancing the Undergraduate Experience

For Psychology Students who want to broaden their undergraduate experience, the sky's the limit at the University of Minnesota. From opportunities for community engagement to high-tech classroom learning, today's students are not only getting a solid foundation, but also rich and exciting opportunities to broaden their professional horizons.

Honoring Norman Garmezy

by Danny Lachance

Keith and Nancy Nuechterlein established a fellowship in their mentor's name

The Business of Decision Making

by Emily Sohn

Gary Kohler's undergraduate psychology degree has provided a unique advantage in his financial career

Intelligence Matters

by Mary Winstead

Stephan Dilchert links low cognitive ability with negative work behaviors

Equality for All

by Helen West

Maureen Kunkler is an ambitious, top-tier student--and an outspoken advocate for equality.

by Emily Sohn

In a huge lecture hall, it can be easy for students to fade into the crowd while professors rhapsodize about abstract academics. But that scenario is no fun for anyone -- teachers or students. And passive listening rarely leads to a lifelong love of learning. Instead, psychology professors at the University find entertaining and unusual ways to engage their students, whether they are teaching a class of 20 or 200. Meet three professors who are inspiring students to learn -- and enjoying themselves in the process.

Nature and Nurture

By Judy Woodward

In our Department of Psychology, Minnesota Twins refers not to baseball, but to revolutionary studies of behavioral genetics that have changed what we know about the heritability of physical, mental, and psychological traits. The pioneers of these fields continue to be honored for their work: Professor Irv Gottesman was named one of the Top 30 Most Influential Psychologists in 2013, as well as being named an Honorary Fellow of King's College in London. On August 8, Professor Thomas Bouchard received the American Psychological Foundations Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology.

Learn more about the pathbreaking findings of Professors Bouchard and Gottesman through the Minnesota Twins studies.


Examining underlying reasons why we vote how we vote.

You have watched the debates, pondered the issues, and endured more campaign commercials than you ever wanted to see. Even with all of those good-citizen factors in place, you don't have the full equation for the votes you will cast on Election Day. >>> An array of other variables play into voting. They all are about you.

Mapping Movement


by Deane Morrison

University of Minnesota psychologists are the best in sight -- finding answers to how we make sense of what we see



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