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by Emily Sohn

In a huge lecture hall, it can be easy for students to fade into the crowd while professors rhapsodize about abstract academics. But that scenario is no fun for anyone -- teachers or students. And passive listening rarely leads to a lifelong love of learning. Instead, psychology professors at the University find entertaining and unusual ways to engage their students, whether they are teaching a class of 20 or 200. Meet three professors who are inspiring students to learn -- and enjoying themselves in the process.

Mr. Holland’s Opus

To become one of the forefathers of modern career counsleling, John Holland first had to become a revolutionary.

Legacy Set Point

David Lykken set the standards for students and for his prefession

Measure for Measure

Paul Sackett seeks fair and effective performance predictors

Working on Leisure

Jo-Ida Hansen applies vocational psychology to our free time

Portraits of Personality

Jim Butcher's journey has taken him from poverty to personality, painting, and PowerPoint

Helping Hands

Mark Snyder, McKnight residential Chair in Psychology, directs the center for the study of the individual and society.

Looking Inside the Black Box

Tim Brady, Kermit Pattison, and Danny Lachance contributed to this story. Angus MacDonald explores the mystery of schizophrenia



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