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The U.S. military detained Associated Press (AP) photographer Ayad M. Abd Ali Oct. 3, 2007, and held him handcuffed and blindfolded for 40 minutes after he was found filming the aftermath of a car bomb attack in Baghdad.

Truth of ‘Baghdad Diarist’ Stories Challenged

The New Republic has said it stands behind most of the claims made by its “Baghdad Diarist,” an American soldier in Iraq writing under a pseudonym, despite a proven mistake, military denials, and criticism from conservative bloggers.

Associated Press (AP) photographer Bilal Hussein, held without charges by the U.S. military for over 20 months, received his first criminal hearing before an Iraqi investigative magistrate on Dec. 9, 2007 in Baghdad.

Kidnappings, Killings Continue; Danger Highest for Iraqis

Nearly five years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was launched in 2003, journalists continue to face dangerous reporting conditions in Iraq. On the heels of reports from free press advocacy groups in early 2008 concluding that Iraq remains the deadliest place in the world for journalists, two CBS News reporters were kidnapped in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Feb. 10, 2008.



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