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Book Review: Media Ethics: Issues and Cases (3rd ed.)

Patterson, Philip and Lee Wilkins (eds.) (1998).
New York: McGraw-Hill. 356 pp., $15.60.

No book yet published could be a "stand-alone" media ethics volume. There are simply too many issues and concepts for one publication to encompass and still be an affordable and readable assignment for an undergraduate class. Media Ethics is no exception; however, it comes closer than many others to being that "stand-alone" volume.

Professor Gillmor Remembers

It is with a deep sense of loss that I take my leave of a journalism program that I have admired and been a part of, spiritually or physically, since I came to Minnesota as a foreign graduate student in 1949. I am also saying goodbye to a Center that has kept the mind alive and the heart beating with excitement since 1984.

Gillmor "Roasted" at Conference Banquet

A warning to aspiring young journalists who later become distinguished mass communication law scholars: A feature newspaper story that you write at age 23 could come back to haunt you 47 years later.

First National Media Ethics & Law Conference

Debates New Technology, Ethics, and Newsgathering

Held on the weekend of April 18 and 19, the Silha Center's National Media Ethics and Law Conference drew more than 100 leaders in media law and ethics to Minneapolis to discuss the applicability of traditional legal and ethical principles to new media and new ethical climates.



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