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Cyberporn and Dangerous Judicial Precedent

The issue of online pornography has been talked to death. Obviously, we all want to protect children from exposure to lewd images on the Internet. At the same time, we want to preserve online freedom of speech. On a larger scale, nation-states are concerned with the protection of public morals in their jurisdictions - an almost impossible task in the border-free cyberspace environment. In legal battles between online freedom and online control, cyberporn serves the values of free speech very poorly. It creates bad judicial precedent.

Interview with Author/Journalist Jeremy Iggers

In his new book Good News, Bad News: Journalism Ethics and the Public Interest (Westview Press, 179 pp., $55 cloth, $17.50 paper), Jeremy Iggers argues that journalism's "institutionalized conversation" about ethics avoids confronting crucial issues facing today's media, including their public interest and civic responsibilities. Bulletin Editor Jack Breslin interviewed Mr. Iggers about his book and views on the current state of journalism ethics. This article is an excerpt from that interview. Mr. Iggers earned his doctoral degree in philosophy from the University of Minnesota and is currently a staff writer at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Cases throughout the 1990s, such as the Minnesota Daily case, State v. Knutson, which was resolved in January, 1996,* demonstrated Minnesota courts' increasing willingness to narrowly interpret the shield law as it stood, even though journalists thought that the protection outlined in the law extended to their unpublished notes and photos. Minnesota media organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists and the Minnesota Newspaper Association worked tirelessly to educate the legislature about the importance of this protection and should be commended for their dedication.

This is a special report for the Bulletin written by Mark Anfinson, attorney for the Minnesota Newspaper Association and an instrumental player in the passage of the newly amended Minnesota Free Flow of Information Act, otherwise known as the Minnesota shield law.



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