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Finding The Words

Gail BeckerAs she finds her way back from a stroke, Gail Becker is relearning how to talk.
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Incentives For Giving

Colleen DonahuePrivate gifts support cutting-edge research and enable the department to recruit the very best students, both graduate and undergraduate. Just as today’s research benefits future generations, today’s students will be tomorrow’s scholars and practitioners.
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A Career For The Common Good

Charles E. SpeaksCharles (Chuck) Speaks was mowing the lawn at this Houston home on Thanksgiving weekend in 1967 when he made a decision that would shape his future. “I want to teach," he thought. “I won’t know if I don’t try."
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Taking The Higher Ed Road

Rachel KingFor Rachel King and Native American Youths, higher education is the surest route to the future.
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Bridging Languages, Bridging Cultures

Pui-Fong KanPh.D candidate Pui-Fong Kan studies the relationship between language acquisition and culture.
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Letter from the Chair

Jennifer WindsorWith your financial support, we have been able to make a tangible difference for students: to help them pay tuition, buy books, attend professional conferences, take part in teaching workshops, and carry out research projects— all things that we could not do without you.
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