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New Tenure Track or Tenured Faculty

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Welcome to our new tenure track and tenured faculty members! Join us for the first CLA Assembly meeting of 2010-11 on September 28 (3:30 p.m. in the Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey Institute) to meet our new colleagues and to learn more about their work. Faculty listed alphabetically by department.

Travis Workman
Assistant Professor
Department of Asian Languages and Literatures
Ph.D. 2008, East Asian Literature, Cornell University
Dissertation: "Culture, Time, and Form in Imperial Japan and Colonial Korea (1919-1945)"

Matthew Canepa
Assistant Professor
Department of Art History
Ph.D. 2004, Art History, University of Chicago
Dissertation: "The Two Eyes of the Earth: Competition and Exchange in the Art and Ritual of Kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran"

Alice Lovejoy
Assistant Professor
Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Ph.D. 2009, Film Studies and Comparative Literature, Yale University
Dissertation: "The Rmy and the Avant-Garde: Art Cinema in the Czechoslovak Military, 1951-1971"

Professor Lovejoy's research interests include World cinema, state-produced media, nonfiction film and literature, military and children's cinema, the history of film theory and criticism, East European cinema and literature

R. Scott St. George
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Ph.D. 2007, Geoscience, University of Arizona
Dissertation: "Hydrological and paleo-drought variability in the Winnipeg River basin, Canada, and the Canadian Prairies"

Matthias Rothe
Assistant Professor
Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch
Ph.D. 2005, Cultural Studies (Kulturwissenchaften), Europa Universit├Ąt Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

Giovanna Dell'Orto
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Ph.D. 2004, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
Dissertation: " 'We are all Americans': Discourses about America in the Western European Press at the Dawn of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries"

Professor Dell'Orto's area of research is international mass communication history, with a special focus on the United States and Europe. She is interested in the role of communication in the creation, maintenance and transformation of power relationships, particularly in the realm of foreign policies and international relations.

Seth Lewis
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Ph.D. 2010, Journalism, University of Texas
Dissertation: "Whither Professionalism in Journalism? Competing Logics of Media Work in an Age of Digitalization and Innovation"

Alexander Fiterstein
Assistant Professor
School of Music
Graduate Diploma, 2002, The Juilliard School

Matthew Rahaim
Assistant Professor
School of Music
Ph.D. 2009, Music (Ethnomusicology), University of California, Berkeley
Dissertation: "Gesture, Melody, and the Pramparic Body in Hindustani Vocal Music"

Andrew Karch
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Ph.D. 2003, Political Science, Harvard University

Yves Winter
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Ph.D. 2009, Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley
Dissertation: "Beyond Blood and Coercion: A Study of Violence in Machiavelli and Marx"

Robert Krueger
Starke Hathaway Distinguished Professor in Clinical Psychology
Department of Psychology

Shmuel Lissek
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Ph.D. 2002, Clinical Psychology, St. John's University, Queens, New York

Adam Rothman
Assistant Professor
School of Statistics
Ph.D. 2010, Statistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dissertation: "Sparse estimation of high-dimensional covariance matrices"

Christina Haas
Department of Writing Studies
Ph.D. 1987, Rhetoric, Carnegie Mellon University

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