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December 2010 Archives

College News December 16

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In case you have forgotten, the University is closed Friday, December 24, 2010, through Sunday January 2, 2011.

CLA buildings will be identified as "Non-Active" during these 10 days. Non-Active is defined as:

*No planned events/activities
*No services to faculty, students, staff or outside communities
*Buildings will be locked; key and card access only
*Temperature reduced to about 65 degrees
*Limited snow removal with only emergency exits/stairs to be cleared
*Minimal campus security staff
*Minimal facilities (custodial) staff on site; daily walk through
*No parking staff other than pre scheduled events
*U.S. mail will be held for the majority of the campus

Suggestions for auto reply email and voice mail messages to use:

This is ............ Due to the official University of Minnesota winter closure, I will be out of the office and not responding to email/voicemail, Dec. 24, 2010, through Jan. 2, 2011. No services will be provided during this period. (optional: This closure is a University cost savings measure.) If there is an urgent matter that cannot wait until after January 3, please call 612-624-9839 and leave a detailed message for a return call. Thank you.

General and CLA-specific information regarding the Winter Closure can be found at

CLA Course Transformation Program Call for Applications- Deadline: Tuesday, February 1, 2011
The College of Liberal Arts Office of Undergraduate Programs and the CLA Office of Information Technology, in partnership with the University Office of Information Technology are pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2011-2012 cohort of the Course Transformation Program (CTP). Departments are invited to apply to participate by nominating a faculty member(s) and a course that could benefit from a redesign to meet faculty teaching, student learning, and/or broader curricular challenges. Read more

Call for proposals for IAS Research and Creative Collaboratives for 2011-12
Each year, the Institute supports a limited number of research/creative collaboratives. These collaboratives promote synergistic interdisciplinary activity difficult within departmental structures. Collaborative activities vary: some collaboratives meet regularly for works-in-progress discussions or public workshops and other programs, others work together on projects. Some collaboratives incorporate a public component that encourages connections with the community. The Institute seeks participation from all colleges and schools at the University and encourages graduate student participation in collaboratives. Collaboratives may be convened by University faculty, students, or staff, but should show evidence of faculty participation. Proposals for 2011-12 Collaboratives are due on February 4, 2011. Read more

Call for Proposals: Research or Art Grant in Austrian/Central European Studies
The Center for Austrian Studies invites applications for a multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary research or art project grant for up to $45,000. The grant is intended for scholarly or artistic projects that are broadly based in Austrian/Central European Studies. Proposals from all disciplines in the arts, social sciences, humanities and/or sciences are welcome. Application deadline is Friday, March 11, 2011. Read more

In Case You Missed It: CLA In the News Dec 16

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Bridging Islam and the West
The Religious Studies program and Institute for Global Studies will sponsor Shared Cultural Spaces: Islam and the West in the Arts and Sciences, an international conference that will be held on campus February 24 through 26. The centerpiece of the conference will be the staging of one of the literary masterpieces of the medieval Islamic world, Hayy bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl, an Arab physician and philosopher in the intellectually adventurous court of caliph Abu Ya'cub at Cordoba, in 12th-century Spain. Nabil Matar (English) describes the play that will premiere at the conference.

"Be yourself" in holiday cards and letters, U of M expert says
Bernadette Longo (Writing Studies) on the rhetorical do's and don'ts of holiday writing. Includes audio.

U of M psychologists reveal the power of 'Getting in Under the Radar'
Jeffry Simpson (Psychology) and grad student Maryhope Howland's research shows how social support benefits are maximized when provided "invisibly" - that is without the support recipient being aware that they are receiving it. Includes video of Jeffry and Maryhope.

The upside of gays in military
Ronald Krebs (Political Science) makes a free-market argument in favor of allowing gays and lesbians in the military. Also see Ron's interview in MinnPost.

U of M Dance students challenge stereotypes of "black dance"
Ananya Chatterjea (Dance) on the dance program's semester-long examination of stereotypes of what "black dance" means.

Water and Oil
Ph.D. student Robert Gilmer (History) on the Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe and the class he is teaching this semester on that topic.

Accolades December 16, 2010

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Lots of interesting awards and activities by our faculty, spanning the globe from Berlin to Beijing and back to Blegen (or Lind or Ferguson). Plus, a full list of all CLA Outstanding Service Award winners.

Going the Shortcut Route

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It has taken me time to learn the Gmail shortcuts. As a web app, Gmail has to do things differently -- like not using the Command or Control keys when typing a shortcut. For those who use keyboard shortcuts every day, this can be strange. But for those who have not bothered to learn traditional shortcuts, Gmail may actually be easier. Read on for a few shortcuts you can use everyday.

Transitions December 2, 2010

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Three titans of the CLA fiscal and HR operations will retire in early January. Toni Ziegler, Peggy Buckley, and Kathleen Post have a combined 108 years of service to the University. Toni came to the U in 1967 and started out with a brief stint in the history department. In the last 40 years she has worked various positions in only two departments, African American studies (as it was known then) and CLA fiscal administration. Peggy has been with CLA a mere five years but has the most varied U experience among our three: four years in admissions and records, four years with facilities management, and 22 years with the Extension service prior to coming to Johnston Hall. Kathleen's 30 years here have been about evenly split between Continuing Education and Extension (as it was known then) and CLA fiscal.

Toni and Peggy will be recognized at a party in their honor on Tuesday, December 7 from 2:30 to 4:30 in the lobby of the Ted Mann Concert Hall. All are welcome. Kathleen is planning a quieter exit. All three have made invaluable contributions to the success of the college during their time here. As they leave us we wish them a happy and long retirement, and thank them for their decades of outstanding service and camaraderie.
Andrew Williams is the new Director of Diversity Student Support Programs in the College of Liberal Arts Student Services. Andrew came to the University of Minnesota several years ago with a stellar record of intercultural education and service to diverse student populations. Most recently he has served as the interim assistant director of the Access to Success Program, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program, and the McGuire Academic Program in the College of Liberal Arts. Assistant dean Chris Kearns says, "My colleagues and I continue to be impressed with Andrew's passion, vision, and principled commitment to undergraduate education, student development, and institutional improvement."

Here's a reminder that CLA grad students who wish to apply for an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship through the Institute for Advanced Study need to have a preliminary application ready by January 25 (the general deadline is February 15).

Accolades December 2, 2010

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Grad Student
Denis Evstuhin (D.M.A. candidate, piano, student of Alexander Braginsky) was one of five finalists at the Paderewski International Piano Competition and finished the competition in 4th place. As part of the prize, he received invitations to festivals in France and Poland. He performed Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 1 on Friday, November 19. The two week long competition, held in Bydgozcz, Poland, began on November 9 with 40 participants selected from applicants from around the world. Evstuhin is currently featured on Minnesota Public Radio's website. Evstuhin was also invited to make his New York debut playing a recital at the International Keyboard Festival at Mannes College.

Internationalizing CLA: A Report

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By Evelyn Davidheiser and Richa Nagar
Richa Nagar, associate dean for faculty and professor in the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and Evelyn Davidheiser, assistant dean for international programs and director of the Institute for Global Studies, have been leading a series of workshops entitled Revisiting Internationalization in CLA. In a series of conversations that began in fall 2009, participants identified the development of reciprocal partnerships with institutions and communities in the Global South as a key goal for the project.

Reciprocity implies not only that each partner benefits from the interaction provided by the partnership but also that the agendas, objectives, principles, and structures of partnerships evolve through the processes of deep collaboration. This is especially important when relatively resource-rich institutions enter into partnerships with relatively resource-poor institutions.