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January 2011 Archives

Accolades January 27, 2011

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The Fall 2010 Grants-in-Aid of Artistry, Research or Scholarship have been announced, someone on the faculty was on the cover of last weekend's New York Times Book Review, and our first ACLS fellow for this year has been announced.

IT Version 3.0: Mobile Computing and Personal Devices


As a first time attendee at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), I was astounded by the dizzying variety of gadgets on display at the thousands of booths in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Imagine all of the Mall of America's (MOA) retail spaces filled with small booths of every color, millions of flashing lights, a few thousand TVs hanging in the air, dozens of huge flashy stages for the biggest vendors, and throngs of people everywhere. Now imagine it even bigger: the LVCC has almost a million more square feet (3.2M sq ft) than the MOA's retail space (2.5M sq ft).

Accolades January 13, 2011

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We've got new internal awards for faculty and departments, end-of-year best-of's, and more in this edition of Accolades.

Seeking Nominations: UMore Park Academic Mission Advisory Board

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The Office for UMore Park Academic Initiatives is seeking nominations of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff to serve on the UMore Park Academic Mission Advisory Board. The board helps to identify and support mechanisms that integrate U research, education, and public engagement into the planning and development of UMore Park.

Eating Our Own Dog Food

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Believe it or not, CLA-OIT does not seek out ways to annoy you. Restricting what a faculty or staff member can do is never a great way to get ahead in higher ed. Although recent projects like the Google migration may have been difficult transitions for some, it is the new security rules that have pushed many people too far, and it is getting increasingly common for tech staff to be called police or even the TSA.