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Accolades March 24, 2011

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Imagine Fund special events grants, new publications, and a variety of awards in today's Accolades.

The following CLA faculty and staff have received Imagine Fund Special Events grants:
Jeanne Kilde (Religious Studies) and committee for Shared Cultural Spaces conference
Jenny Schmid (Art) for Printblitz 2011
David Bernstein (Theatre Arts and Dance) for Reshaping the Black Image on the American Stage: Penumbra's Legacy and Influence
Ana Forcinito (Spanish & Portuguese) for Ongoing Dialogues about Memory and Human Rights: Latin American and the Iberian Peninsula

Assistant Professor Josh Page (Sociology) has published The Toughest Beat (Oxford University Press). In this first systematic study of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, he explains the origins and durability of California's correctional crisis.

Associate Professor Jeff Broadbent (Sociology) and Vicky Brockman (alumna 1998), are editors of an international volume, East Asian Social Movements: Power, Protest, and Change in a Dynamic Region (Springer). This book provides an array of important case studies of social movements in East Asia.

Professor Jeylan Mortimer (Sociology) will receive the 2011 Cooley-Mead Award at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association. This award is the highest honor conferred by the ASA's Social Psychology Section to honor long-term contributions to the field.

Professor Carl Malmquist (Sociology) will receive the 2011 Isaac Ray Award at the annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association. This annual award acknowledges outstanding accomplishments in psychiatry and jurisprudence.

Research by Sociology department Associate Professor Teresa Swartz, Professor Jeylan Mortimer and graduate students Minzee Kim, Mayumi Uno, and Kirsten O'Brien is featured in the April issue of Journal of Marriage and Family. In their article, "Safety Nets and Scaffolds: Parental Support in the Transition to Adulthood," they examined the conditions that lead to parental giving and if this aid promotes the progress to adulthood.

Paul Timmins, CLA Career Services Director, has been elected to the board of directors of the National Career Development Association. He will be the mid-western region trustee. This signifies widespread recognition and appreciation for one of our student services leaders. Read more at the NCDA web site.

Graduate students Gwyn Fallbrooke and Edward McPherson (both MFA Creative Writing Program) won 2011 Minnesota State Arts Board Grants.

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