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CLA is a Rubik's Cube

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By Gary Oehlert, Associate Dean for Planning

I love the old Abbott and Costello comedy routine "Who's on First?". In that routine, we know where everyone is, but we're trying to figure out who they are. This summer in CLA, we will know who everyone is, but we will have to work hard to keep up with where they are. Here is the short list of upcoming moves.

The Northrop renovation project will entail demolishing Wesbrook Hall, so Access to Success (ATS), grants management, and Department of Writing Studies will need new homes. There will also be some "domino" moves that are needed to make this possible.

1. ATS will move to space in Appleby that is just down the hall from Martin Luther King Program (which moved to Appleby last December).
2. Alexandra Brown in CLA grants management will be hosted by CNES in Nicholson.
3. The Institute of Linguistics will be moving from Nolte to space on the third floor of Elliott to be near the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Psychology.
4. The Institute for Advanced Study has already moved most of their operation from Nolte to temporary leased space on University Avenue. It will ultimately have a home in the renovated Northrop.
5. Department of Writing Studies administration will move into Nolte in early June.
6. Once Nolte is mostly empty, there will be some light renovation work.
7. The remainder of Writing Studies will be in storage for a few weeks and will move to Nolte after the renovation (by mid-August). This keeps Writing Studies in the heart of the humanities district.

August will see the opening of the renovated Folwell Hall. The ground and first floors will be primarily classrooms, the second and third floors will be faculty and administrative offices, and the fourth floor will be graduate student and technology space. The move back from swing space is scheduled to begin August 2, so our colleagues in Asian Languages and Literatures; French and Italian; German, Scandinavian, and Dutch; and Spanish and Portuguese are busy with last minute details about the new space and gearing up for the return to Folwell. It should be magnificent.

Stay tuned for more news of moves and space exchanges. Exciting Times in CLA!

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