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Accolades September 8, 2011

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Here's the special end-of-summer, back-to-school Jumbo Edition of CLA Accolades, Part 1.

Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Congratulations to the following who were promoted from Associate to Full Professor (alpha by department)

Jane Blocker (Art History)
Bruce Braun (Geography)
Erika Lee (History)
Valerie Tiberius (Philosophy)
Ananya Chatterjea (Theatre Arts and Dance)
Sonja Kuftinec (Theatre Arts and Dance)

Congratulations to the following professors, who were conferred tenure and promoted to Associate Professor (alpha by department)

M. Bianet Castellanos (American Studies)
Hoon Song (Anthropology)
Fatih Guvenen (Economics)
Tony Brown (English)
Siobhan Craig (English)
Christophe Wall-Romana (French and Italian)
Andrew Gallia (History)
Lisa Hilbink (Political Science)
Kathryn Pearson (Political Science)
Aaron Schmidt (Psychology)
Teresa Gowan (Sociology)
Enid Logan (Sociology)
Yang Zhang (SLHS)

Professor John Mowitt (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature) has been awarded the Imagine Fund Arts and Humanities Chair for 2011-2013 by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

McKnight Artist Fellowships 2011-12
There were so many McKnight Fellowships won by CLA people that it deserves its own news header. These $25,000 fellowships are intended to reward artistic excellence and to support performers and artists who have reached a critical point in their career development. A McKnight Fellowship can help an artist set aside periods of time for study, reflection, experimentation, and exploration; take advantage of an opportunity; or work on a new project.

Associate Professor Jim Henkel (Art) received the fellowship for Photography.
Lecturer John Snow (Music-oboe) received the fellowship for Performing Musicians.
Ph.D. candidate Jeremy Wagner (Music-composition, student of James Dillon) received the fellowship for Composers.
Associate Professor Christine Baeumler (Art) not only received a McKnight Artist Fellowship for Visual Artists, she also received a Minnesota State Arts Board grant, and a Bush fellowship, during which she will focus on building a bridge between hydrological and social solutions to water-quality management through art.

Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Awards for 2010-11 have been awarded to:

Daniel Kelliher (Political Science)
Erika Lee (History)
Chad Marsolek (Psychology)
Cheryl Olman (Psychology)

Assistant Professor Jane Gingrich's (Political Science) book, Making Markets in the Welfare State: The Politics of Varying Market Reforms, was published by Cambridge University Press in July.

Professor John Mowitt (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature) contributed the introductory essay, "The Gold-Bug," to Jean-Fran├žois Lyotard's Discourse, Figure, published in translation by the University of Minnesota Press.

Professor David Pellow and Associate Professor Lisa Park (both Sociology) have just published The Slums of Aspen: Immigrants vs. the Environment in America's Eden (NYU Press). More info

Regents Professor Kathryn Sikkink's (Political Science) new book, Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions are Changing World Politics, was published by Norton in August. It has already won the WOLA-Duke Book Award for the best book on human rights in Latin America.

Associate Professor Dara Strolovitch's (Political Science) co-edited book (with Burdett Loomis and Peter Francia), CQ Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying in the United States, was published this summer.

Associate Professor Shaden Tageldin's Disarming Words: Empire and the Seductions of Translation in Egypt was published by the University of California Press. In it, she "examines the afterlives of two occupations of Egypt--by the French in 1798 and by the British in 1882--in a rich comparative analysis of acts, fictions, and theories that translated the European into the Egyptian, the Arab, or the Muslim."

Graduate Student Awards
Graduate student Shawn Bubany (Psychology; advisor Jo-Ida C. Hansen) is the recipient of the 2011 Society of Vocational Psychology (SVP) Graduate Student Research Award. The award is the highest honor that SVP bestows upon graduate students. Specifically, the award is recognition of Shawn's meta-analytic research on the stability of interests which recently was published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior (Bubany, S., & Hansen, J.C. - Birth cohort change in the vocational interests of female and male college students).

Graduate student Tim Ortyl (Sociology) was awarded the Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Fellowship Award, in the American Sociological Association Sexualities Section.

2011-12 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows were announced in June (alpha by program)

Stephen Patrick Dillon (American Studies)
Benjamin Alan Wiggins (American Studies)
Andrew James Willey (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)
Margaret Herma Kunde (Communication Studies)
Emily Ann Berg (Communication Studies)
Christian Phillip Haines (Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society)
Wyatt James Brooks (Economics)
Illenin Onyadouh Kondo (Economics)
Erik A. Carlson (English)
Elizabeth Marie Hansen (English)
Dinesh Paudel (Geography)
Christopher Robert Strunk (Geography)
Eric Steven Roubinek (History)
Gina Michelle Martino (History)
Matthew J Konieczny (History)
Brett Alan Wartchow (Music)
Jason D Swartwood (Philosophy)
Jonas Bartholomaus Bunte (Political Science)
Geoffrey Thomas Dancy (Political Science)
Erik James Girvan (Psychology)
Brenton McMenamin (Psychology)
Sandra Lynn Shallcross (Psychology)
Andrew Halpern-Manners (Sociology)
Timothy Adam Ortyl (Sociology)
Daniel A. Winchester (Sociology)
Merle Ivone Barriga Ramirez (Theatre Arts)

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