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Presentations That Zoom!

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Ever feel like PowerPoint limits your creativity? Or that it is too linear for what you want to communicate? Or do you feel it hinders your spatial analysis capabilities? Do you like to incorporate various forms of media in your presentations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may find that Prezi is a presentation tool that fits your style.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world that exists somewhere between whiteboards and traditional slides. Slides used to organize presentation content dominate our meeting rooms and classrooms. Prezi is different because ideas can be collected on one large space, like a whiteboard. One of the basic principles behind Prezi is that people often don't think linearly and thus, our ideas are best presented as a whole with a number of connected thoughts. Prezi's zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore concepts and the connections between them. A natural flow emerges between the elements, creating a story. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead the audience down a path of discovery.

Prezi is:

Free thinking. You can put all your text, images, and video on the canvas then move them around, change sizes, and group common ideas together.

Portable. Being cloud-based presentation software, you can edit and show your ideas from any computer with an internet connection. No internet? That's okay. You can download a finished Prezi to your computer or iPad beforehand.

Cost. Being a student or teacher, you can get started with Prezi for FREE! There is an Edu Pro version if you need more storage space, see Prezi pricing for details.

Zoom. There is so much value in being able to show the big picture and then zoom in on a specific idea or on a detail in a piece of art or landscape

Fun to learn. The tool is designed to be simple, yet powerful. It may take a little bit to learn the controls, but it feels like playtime when you get to move things around, shrink items, rotate other items. Plus, Prezi provides tutorials and you can explore what other have done with Prezi to get inspired.

Different. More and more people are learning about Prezi and using it to present their ideas; from elementary classrooms to TED talks. It is amazing the creativity the tool inspires. Being different means a presentation is more likely to get the attention of the audience and engage them in the story you are sharing with them.

Collaborative. Like Google Docs, there can be multiple authors of a Prezi presentation. Not only that, but you can all be editing a presentation in real time using the built-in Prezi Meeting features.

Learn More

Intrigued? Check out this 3 minute video to see Prezi in action and visit Prezi online, then share your ideas about ways you will or have used Prezi!

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