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Coffee! Chili! Prizes! In other words, The Return of the Community Fund Drive

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Hello, Colleagues and Friends in CLA

We're happy to announce that the 2011 Community Fund Drive has begun, and to introduce ourselves as the co-chairs of this year's drive. We sincerely hope you'll find a way to do your part for this outstanding cause.

What's the Community Fund Drive?
The CFD is a campus-wide effort to make it easy for faculty and staff to give back to our community through respected, well-run organizations that support social services, education, arts, and health. In our view, it's a great time to give back to the community. The need is even more critical than ever. Those of us who are employed and have our basic needs met are fortunate indeed, and most of us can do something to help those who are considerably less fortunate. Even a small donation can make a difference. Just a dollar or two each pay period can add up to significant sums when combined with contributions from your colleagues.

Check out some great websites:

Community Fund Drive main site
Here you can read about the charities and use the easy on-line form to give.

CLA's CFD on Facebook
If you're a Facebook user, please like us and share us. Even if you're not a regular Facebooker, check the site via the web and you can find updates and events there.

As always, there are some great events planned:

Kick-off week coffee!
Coffee will be available on Friday morning (October 7) in the lobby of Johnston Hall to help kick off the first week of the event. Come between 8 and 10 am, have some coffee (donated by Purple Onion), and learn more about the fund drive. Computers and volunteers will be standing by to help you make your gift on line or in person, if you choose.

Chili cook-off!
A repeat of the successful chili cook-off from last year's CFD will be held on Thursday, October 27 in Johnston Hall. Sign up to bring your own famous chili, or just come to help taste and judge.

AND in addition, prizes will be available each week throughout October to those who have donated to the CFD. Donate early and be eligible for Gopher gear, Opera tickets, novels by CLA faculty, and Gopheropoly!

Please consider what part you can play in the 2011 Community Fund Drive. As your Lead Volunteer Team, we welcome your questions and ideas, and we hope you will consider joining us in this worthy cause as a volunteer and/or donor. More information about the charitable federations and specific agencies that CFD benefits is online, or contact your unit grassroots volunteer.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Peggy, Walt, and Kaylee
CLA CFD Lead Volunteer Team

Kaylee Highstrom, CLA Stewardship Coordinator
Walt Jacobs, African American & African Studies
Peggy Nelson, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

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