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Technology Grants: Enhancing the Student Experience with Technology

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Have a great idea to improve your course but need funds to purchase equipment or hire a student? Look to the CLA Technology Grant Program, administered by the CLA Technology Grant Committee.

CLA-OIT facilitates the process of communicating to members of the college community various technology funding opportunities, reviewing proposals, communicating decisions, and following up on financial and non-financial matters related to funded projects.

Grants are available once a year to CLA faculty, staff, and departments seeking funds for technology-rich projects that enhance the learning experience for our students. Grants can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

* learning how to use technology more effectively
* getting help developing new activities for your students
* digitizing teaching materials
* acquiring special hardware or software for your students to use

Full descriptions of the three types of grants can be found in CLA-OIT's Service Catalog:

* Instructional Equipment Grant
* Tools for Discovery Grant
* Small Grant

Below we've included a few examples of grants that have been awarded in recent years. If something here sparks your interest, or if you have a great idea of your own, see the details about applying for a grant. Applying for a grant is easy to do -- we even provide an administrative service to facilitate the process. We will be accepting proposals for a single round of funding until Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Awards will be announced in late February.

If you're not sure if you should apply for a grant, contact us through the CLA Service Desk (4-4357 or and tell us what you have in mind. We'll connect you with a Technology Administrator, Instructional Technology Fellow, or other expert for an individual conversation about any opportunities or challenges you would like to address.

The technology grant program is made possible by the CLA Collegiate Fee funded by undergraduate and graduate students.

Good luck!

Successful Grant Examples

The School of Music was awarded a grant to improve teaching effectiveness in the Class Piano Laboratory. The grant was used to acquire a projector, computer, and software. This new software enables students to see images of the keyboard and staff notation projected onto a screen as the music is played by the instructor.

The primary objective of the Department of Communication Studies' request was to increase student access to equipment. Their grant allowed them to supplement existing equipment with a top-end editing suite with specific emphasis on controlling and manipulating post-production audio. Use is high, integration is high, courses continue to be developed, and the overall success of the production-related courses in the department is a testament to the utility of this grant.

Maps@UMN is a web-mapping application that supports educational activities on campus and beyond. The Department of Geography received a Tools for Discovery grant that funded a research assistant hire, workshops, partner collaboration, evaluation and assessment, and computers that expand the impact of this program.

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