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Accolades February 2, 2012

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Two CLA-connected projects have received funding from Minnesota's Historical and Cultural Heritage Fund (i.e. Legacy money).

The Department of American Indian Studies has received $270,820 for Phase Two of the Ojibwe People's Dictionary. Phase One launched just this past January 23; Phase Two promises to be even more of what you can find in the current dictionary, but will enhance the virtual museum, make the dictionary more friendly to younger students, and incorporate feedback from users.
Friends of the Immigration History Research Center, received $23,794 for the project Houses of Worship: The Mosaic of Religion and Ethnicity in the Twin Cities, 1849-1924, co-led by Jeanne Kilde (Religious Studies). The goal of this project is to bring together qualitative and quantitative data -- stories and numbers -- about the ethnic and immigration history that has been at the University's doorstep for the last century. Researchers from the project are using resources at the Minnesota Population Center and GIS projects on campus, and their materials will be housed at the IHRC when the project is completed.

Post-Doc Associate Wadad Kadi (History) was awarded the Middle East Medievalists association's Lifetime Achievement Award in December. This comes as a recognition for her distinguished scholarship and seminal contribution to knowledge of the Islamic world and scholarship in the Middle Ages.

These CLA professors are recipients of 2012 Imagine Fund grants. Congratulations!

Hakim Abderrezak, French & Italian
Rick Asher, Art History
Catherine Asher, Art History
Carol Berkenkotter, Writing Studies
Hisham Bizri, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Timothy Brennan, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Lee-Ann K. Breuch, Writing Studies
Daniel Brewer, French & Italian
David Chang, History
Ananya Chatterjea, Theatre Arts & Dance
Juliette Cherbuliez, French & Italian
Anna Clark, History
Lois Cucullu, English
Maria Damon, English
David Damschroder, Music
Giovanna Dell'Orto, Journalism & Mass Communication
Marcus Dilliard, Theatre Arts & Dance
James Dillon, Music
Genevieve Escure, English
Jan Estep, Art
Kale Fajardo, American Studies
Rod Ferguson, American Studies
Maria J. Fitzgerald, English
Ana Forcinito, Spanish & Portuguese
Mary Franklin-Brown, French & Italian
Keya Ganguly, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Michael Gaudio, Art History
Sumanth Gopinath, Music
Peter Hanks, Philosophy
Kelley Harness, Music
Katherine Hayes, Anthropology
James Henkel, Art
Sarah Holtman, Philosophy
Kathleen Hull, Sociology
Zenzele Isoke, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Amy Kaminsky, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Carol Klee, Spanish & Portuguese
Sonja Kuftinec, Theatre Arts & Dance
Alexis Kuhr, Art
Regina Kunzel, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Diyah Larasati, Theatre Arts & Dance
Bernard Levinson, Classical & Near Eastern Studies
Alice Lovejoy, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Alex Lubet, Music
Lynn Lukkas, Art
Joyce Lyon, Art
Michelle Mason, Philosophy
Nabil Matar, English
Saje Mathieu, HIstory
Lary May, American Studies
Mary Jo Maynes, History
Rick McCormick, German, Scandinavian & Dutch
Stuart McLean, Anthropology
Charlotte Melin, German, Scandinavian & Dutch
Clarence Morgan, Art
Douglas Olson, Classical & Near Eastern Studies
Yuichiro Onishi, African American & African Studies
Laurie Ouellette, Communication Studies
Jennifer Pierce, American Studies
Wayne Potratz, Art
Paula Rabinowitz, English
Matthew Rahaim, Music
Gloria Raheja, Anthropology
Gil Rodman, Communication Studies
Arun Saldanha, Geography
Jani Scandura, English
Katherine Scheil, English
Ed Schiappa, Communication Studies
Jenny Schmid, Art
Dona Schwartz, Journalism & Mass Communication
Philip Sellew, Classical & Near Eastern Studies
Hooi Ling Soh, Linguistics
Hoon Song, Anthropology
Polly Szatrowski, Linguistics
Shaden Tageldin, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Karen-Sue Taussig, Anthropology
Dominic Taylor, Theatre Arts & Dance
Christophe Wall-Romana, French & Italian
David Walsh, Music
Ann Waltner, History
Arthur Walzer, Communication Studies
Gabe Weisberg, Art History
Peter Wells, Anthropology
Margaret Werry, Theatre Arts & Dance
Diane Willow, Art
Yves Winter, Political Science
Tetsuya Yamada, Art
Adriana Zabala, Music

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