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Accolades May 10, 2012

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Immigration History Research Center's Digitizing Immigrant Letters project team is the recipient of the 2011 Philip M. Hamer and Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award, given by the Society of American Archivists. IHRC undertook "outstanding efforts in promoting the knowledge and use of documentation of the immigrant experience through the Digitizing Immigrant Letters Project." The award recognizes institutions, project teams or individual archivists for increasing public awareness of archival documents for educational, instructional or other purposes.

Associate Professor Bruno Chaouat (French & Italian) has published L'Ombre pour la proie: petites apocalypses de la vie quotidienne [Grasping at Substance: Little Everyday Apocalypses] (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion).

Assistant Professor Mary Franklin-Brown (French & Italian) has published Reading the World in the Century of Encyclopedias (University of Chicago Press).

Associate Professor Scott D. Lipscomb (Music) is serving on a research team as program evaluator for a three-year, $450,000 grant from the National Science Foundation entitled "Computational Thinking Through Computing and Music." The team's goal is to reinforce musical and computational learning through a team-teaching model, designing collaborative workshops involving pairs of faculty - one from music, one from computer science. Read more

Grad student Hollie Nyseth Brehm (Sociology) has been awarded this year's Dunn Peace Research Scholarship to support her dissertation research on genocide in Bosnia. She was also awarded the Midwest Sociological Society Dissertation Grant.

Graduate student Julia Corwin (Geography) received a Judd Fellowship to conduct research in India this summer. She will investigate how policies and plans pertaining to solid waste management intersect with and affect community-based, informal, and marginalized waste labor, and the contradictory dynamics of urban waste policies and practices in Delhi, India. In particular, she wishes to explore how Delhi's formal waste management system and the informal waste sector affect and respond to each other, with an emphasis on unraveling the politics surrounding the marginalization of informal waste labor and their attendant effects on landfill diversion rates. Read more

Graduate student Emily Springer received a Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, a highly competitive fellowship which supports mid-stage graduate students in formulating effective doctoral dissertation research proposals that contribute to the development of interdisciplinary fields of study in the humanities and social sciences. She will be working on her proposal about women and development in Tanzanian agriculture.

Graduate student Rachel Gibson (French & Italian) has been awarded an International Dissertation Research Fellowship for 2012 by the Social Science Research Council, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Rachel will be doing research at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris), and at the Biblioteca Marciana (Venice). Rachel's research project is entitled "Negotiating Space and Self in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Construction of Mercantile Identity in Franco-Italian Literature." She is one of 77 awardees, selected from a total of 1,148 submitted applications from graduate students at 128 universities. Rachel has also accepted a two-year term on the Graduate Student Committee of the Medieval Academy.

Graduate student Tracy Rutler was awarded a Fulbright Research Fellowship to study in France next year. Her project is called, "Family Remains: The Politics of Legacy in Eighteenth-Century French Literature." Her dissertation is on images of orphans, bastards, and abandoned children.

Graduate student Anna Rosensweig (French & Italian) was awarded a Hella Mears Summer Fellowship.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships were awarded to eight CLA grad students, three of whom are named Shannon. What are the odds?

Kasey Keeler (American Studies) will conduct research in the MN Population Center.
Murat Altun (Anthropology) will be working in the Institute for Advanced Study.
Corbin Treacy and Tracy Rutler (French & Italian). Corbin will be working with the Program in Human Rights and Tracy with the Institute for Advanced Study.
Gerald Shannon (Geography) will conduct research in the MN Population Center.
Garnet Kindervater (Political Science) will be working in the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change.
Sarah Shannon and Shannon Golden (Sociology). Sarah will conduct research in the MN Population Center and Shannon will be working in the Institute for Global Studies.

University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award was awarded to two CLA people:

Emily Springer (Sociology) Student Award
Carla Bates (Psychology) Staff Award
The award recognizes members of the University community who have devoted their time and talent to make substantial, enduring contributions to the community and to improving public life and the well-being of society. Their contributions and accomplishments have resulted in long-term and lasting changes for the public good and demonstrate an unusual commitment to the University and the greater community.

One of the student groups from Mark Neuman-Scott's (Communication Studies) Advanced Electronic Media Production class from fall semester won the Upper Midwest Chapter of the the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences--the Emmy--Student Achievement Award for their PSA assignment. They did two :30 spots for Ronald McDonald House Upper Midwest. Both spots have been shown on Twin City broadcast channels. Watch one of the spots.

CLA has made a strong showing in the awards of 2012 Global Spotlight grants for international scholarly activities. Awards ranged from $50,000 - 75,000. Complete listings are online.

Major International Research Grants
Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Vinay Gidwani (Geography); Co-Principal Investigators: Regents Professor Eric Sheppard and Professor Helga Leitner (Geography); Professor Michael Goldman (Sociology): The Great Transformation: Urban Land Markets, Livelihoods, & the Growing Ecological Crisis in Asia's Cities
Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Lorena Munoz (Geography): Food, Health, and Labor: (Im)migrant Agency in the Production of Informal Economic Systems in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States
International Research Seed Grants
Principal Investigator: Associate Professor M. Bianet Castellanos (American Studies); Co-Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor David Karjanen (American Studies): The Politics of Housing, Debt, and Urbanization in Cancún, Mexico
Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Njeri Githire (African American and African Studies): Of Concrete Beaches and Vales of Pale Rubble: Self-Governance, Natural Resources, the Environment, and Gender Politics in the French Caribbean Imaginary
Doctoral Fellowships
Sian Butcher (Geography): Infrastructures of Debt and Property in the Post-Apartheid Suburb: Remaking Race and Class in South Africa
I Chun Catherine Chang (Geography): "Chinese" Models of Ecological Urbanization - The Shanghai Dongtan and Tianjin Binghai Eco-cities Projects
Basil Mahayni (Geography): Constraints to Policy and Implementation in Urban Water Governance in the Middle East: The Case of Amman, Jordan
Nathan Weaver Olson (History): A Republic of Lost Peoples: Race, Status, and Rural Migration in the Cordillera Oriental (Spain, Bolivia, Argentina)
Alexander L. Wisnoski III (History): Contesting Patriarchal Authority: Law, Society, and Marital Conflict in Lima, Peru 1570 - 1670
MA, Professional, Doctoral International Grants (pre-oral exam)
Laura Cesfasky (Geography): Toward Postcolonial Green Urbanization: Learning from Bogota's Bicycle Initiative
Kelly McKay (Theater Historiography): Mapuchizando el hiphop/hiphopizando lo Mapuche: MC JAAS and the Role of Hip Hop in Articulating Urban Mapuche Identities
Victoria Scher (Creative Writing): Tarahumara Politics in Chihuahua City: Stories of Urban Nuráami

Associate Professor Dean Sorenson (Music) has published First Place for Jazz (Neil A. Kjos Music Company). See the video trailer.

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