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Support Without Barriers

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What would it mean to offer technology support without barriers? Providing assistance anytime, anywhere, on any device? I serve on a University-wide IT committee on technology support issues and these are the tough questions we are trying to tackle.

As the people we serve--the faculty, staff, and students in CLA--I'd like your thoughts on what technology support should be.

What are the barriers? What are the things IT people do that make it harder for you to be successful? What would support without barriers look like or feel like?

Would support at anytime be a benefit to you? What about anywhere?

Should you expect support for any device?

We are also entering a time of shared responsibility when IT cannot assume full control of the technology or full responsibility for security. Both the technician and end-user need to share responsibility for protecting your data and making good choices. What does this mean to you? How might this work? What might be the problems?

Have other ideas or concerns not mentioned above? Let me know about them, as well.

I welcome and encourage your comments, your questions, your advice, and your willingness to help us provide the right technology services for the CLA community. Leave a comment below, send me email at, or invite me over for an opportunity to talk face-to-face. I want to listen.

1 Comment

I completely agree that both IT people and users should share the responsibility for security. My opinion is that technology support should be offered only in certain cases, not anytime or anywhere. This does not mean that there are barriers.


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