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New video resource for CLA!

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Now that fall semester is underway and settling down, I would like to invite you to reflect back on the time you just spent planning and preparing for all the courses you are teaching. Have you asked yourself any of these questions (or something similar)?

  • I am attending a conference this fall; should I cancel a class meeting? I feel bad about it-- is there an alternative solution?
  • I have taught this course over and over, have tried different strategies to convey the content, yet the students seem to have a hard time grasping these few concepts. What else can I do to enhance their learning?
  • I wish I could further practice active learning strategies with my students. However, they still need my lectures to successfully complete this course. Could I do something about it?

CLA-OIT would like to make you aware of a valuable resource that is now available to allow the delivery of lectures outside the classroom. In Elliott Hall, there is now a dedicated space that is set up specifically to streamline the process of creating high-quality lecture and presentation videos. This resource is made possible through a collaboration with the Department of Psychology with funding from the Student Fee Technology Grant Program.

This new space is equipped with a video camera, a computer, and podium tablet. It allows the following types of content creation:

  1. A head shot video with you delivering a message to your students. It can be used, for example, to welcome them to class or for a special announcement.

  2. A video recording of your PowerPoint or Keynote slides with or without you annotating on the slides.

  3. A composite video with a head shot plus the slides.


A team of knowledgeable staff will guide you and stay with you throughout the process. When you leave the recording space, your content will be ready to be shared with your students. Although the process is relatively simple, it may feel awkward at first to lecture to a camera instead of a classroom of students. Therefore, it is important to allow plenty of extra time, even when all you want to do is produce a short announcement.

To make an appointment to record your lecture or presentation, send an email to with a message giving us an overview of your needs or request an in-person consultation. We are looking forward to helping you to use this new resource for the enhancement of the teaching and learning process.

Examples of videos produced in the Elliott Hall Video Studio:

by Celina Byers

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