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CLA Budget 1001--Part 1: Basic Revenue & Expense

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(A new series on how our money works)

By Brent Gustafson, Finance Director

The annual operating budget for the College of Liberal Arts is approximately $250 million for the current fiscal year. While this is a really big number, the CLA budget can be broken down into two main sources of income and two main types of expenses: tuition and state appropriations, and personnel and cost pools (the charges from the University for a variety of indirect costs).


The largest single source of revenue to finance CLA operations comes from tuition--primarily undergraduate tuition ($177 million of budgeted tuition in FY 2013, 75% of collegiate revenue). Appropriations from the State of Minnesota to the University make up the second largest component of CLA's revenues ($45 million in FY 2013, 19% of budgeted revenue). State appropriations are allocated to colleges through the University's annual budget process, and this amount has varied over time, and has decreased in recent years due to reductions in state funding for the University.

Beyond these two sources of revenue, the college receives smaller--but still significant--amounts from external grants, donated funds, and student fees.


Not surprisingly, over half of the college's spending in any given year goes for salaries and benefits for employees, and this includes faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. And, obviously most of this spending is in academic units for faculty and teaching positions.

Have you found spreadsheet analysis in Excel, Numbers, Open Office or other packages good, but want something more? You should be delighted to hear that Google Fusion Tables is now available for Google Apps at the University of Minnesota. If you've heard about Fusion Tables (or never heard) but wonder what all the hullabaloo is about, and why this could be important, let's get a quick overview.

Accolades January 24, 2013

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Professor Joachim Savelsberg (sociology) was honored with the 2012 Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award by the American Society of Criminology's International Division. The award recognizes "an international scholar who has made a significant contribution to international criminology, including international criminal justice, comparative, and transnational crime and justice research."

Associate Professor Ronald Walter Greene (communication studies) was awarded the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Critical Cultural Studies Division of the National Communication Association.

Associate Professor Diane Willow (art) is one of a handful of Twin Cities artists who are part of the Creative CityMaking initiative of the City of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts. Four artist teams will be paired with five planning projects in the city's Community Planning and Economic Development Department to, "engage artists in critical thinking and art making around City and urban issues and to increase artists' and planners' ability to facilitate community interaction and work collaboratively with the public to foster positive change in the quality and trajectory of social discourse about the city's urban future." Diane's project will focus on the development of five stations along the proposed Southwest LRT line. Learn more

Institute for Advanced Study Faculty Fellows 2013-14:
Assistant Professor Clint Carroll, Department of American Indian Studies
Associate Professor Bianet Castellanos, Department of American Studies
Associate Professor Karen Ho, Department of Anthropology
Professor Patricia Lorcin, Department of History
Assistant Professor Lorena Munoz, Department of Geography
Assistant Professor Jimmy Patino, Department of Chicano and Latino Studies
Assistant Professor Matthew Rahaim, School of Music
Learn more