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Accolades February 7, 2013

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Assistant Professor Alice Lovejoy (cultural studies and comparative literature) has been named a McKnight Land Grant Professor for 2013-2015.

Two CLA professors are nominated for Minnesota Book Awards in the General Nonfiction category. Winners will be announced on April 13.

Professor Emerius David Noble (American studies) is nominated for Debating the End of History: The Marketplace, Utopia, and the Fragmentation of Intellectual Life (U of Minnesota Press).
Professor Brenda Child (American Indian studies/history) is nominated for Holding Our World Together: Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community (Viking/Penguin).
Also, former associate professor David Treuer (English) was nominated for Rez Life: An Indian's Journey Through Reservation Life (Atlantic Monthly Press/Grove/Atlantic, Inc.).

Associate Professor Dona Schwartz (journalism and mass communication) has received a $10,000 2013 Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. With the award, Dona will produce framed exhibition prints from her award-winning project On the Nest. The prints will be exhibited in association with the launch of a published monograph of the series.

Professor Mary Schuster (writing studies) and Ph.D. alumna Jessica Reyman (now assistant professor at Northern Illinois University) were awarded the 2013 Technical and Scientific Communication Award in the category of Best Original Collection of Essays in Technical and Scientific Communication by the Conference on College Composition and Communication. The award is for their co-editorship of a special issue of the journal Technical Communication Quarterly on "Technical Communication and the Law."

Professor Nabil Matar (English), with co-editor Judy Hayden, has published Through the Eyes of the Beholder: The Holy Land, 1517-1713 (Brill, 2013). The collection examines the view of holiness in the "Holy Land" through the writings of pilgrims, travelers, and missionaries. More info

Christopher Buckley (career services), along with Jeannie Stumne (CEHD Career Services) and Heidi Perman (St. Paul Campus Career and Internship Services), was presented with the Career Development Network's Golden Gopher Merit Award for his work this year creating the CDN Diversity and Inclusion program, which provides structure for career services staff to grow in their multicultural competence. This program has helped CDN members purposefully seek out experiences and resources that challenge the way they approach their work.

The River Life program of the Institute for Advanced Study will participate in a grant received by the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes from the Mellon Foundation for the project Humanities in the Environment. Their portion of the project is to work on how the arts and humanities can help us think about the future shaping of the Mississippi River. The major objective of this large-scale experiment is to foster innovative programmatic ideas and new forms of collaborative research across national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries, driven by and involving CHCI's membership of over 180 humanities centers and institutes. Read more

A number of CLA faculty have received fall 2012 Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry & Scholarship Program grants:

Lynn Lukkas (art): Telling Time Exhibition at Tianjin University Galleries
Gilliane Monnier (anthropology): FT-IR Spectrometer for Archaeological Research in the Field and the Lab
Jane Gingrich (political science): "Markets and Mobilization: The Democratic Consequences of Market Reform"
Wayne Potratz (art): Forged Steel and Cast Metal Sculpture; Retrospective Exhibition
Hoon Song (anthropology): The Anachronism Named North Korea: Immortal Sovereign as a Symptom of the Contemporary
S. Douglas Olson (classical & Near Eastern studies): Manuscript Work to Support a New Text of Aristophanes' Wasps
Jaime Hanneken (Spanish & Portuguese): T(r)opologies of Latinité
Anna Clark (history): Individualism and Individuality in the British Empire
Matthew Rahaim (music): Indian Vocal Techniques and Ethical Transformation
Susan Noakes (French & Italian): The Global Middle Ages: Research Assistance, co-author Travel, for book manuscript

The number of CLA faculty who received Imagine Fund awards is possibly too large to include, but we'll try. Due to space and volume, departments are not included. More info

Hakim Abderrezak: Mediterranean Migrations in Literature and Culture: A Book Project
John Archer: Making Suburbia
Thomas Ashworth: A Study and Recording of Select Classical and Jazz Repertoire for the Trombone
Sophia Beal: The Images, Index, and Marketing for My Forthcoming Book
William O. Beeman: Ethnographic Research in the Zarafshan River Valley, Tajikistan
Timothy Brennan: Anti-Colonial Thought and Peripheral Form In Interwar Europe
Tony Brown: German Language Learning and Research
Bianet Castellanos: Maya Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Southern California
Lisa Channer: Dancing Isadora
Ananya Chatterjea: Force/flow: Exploring systemic gender violence through the artistic process
Immanuel Davis: Premiere recording of commissioned flute work by Nikolai Kapustin
Jean del Santo Warp: Participation in the 9th Barcelona Festival of Song
Marcus Dilliard: World Stage Design 2013
Gail Dubrow: Japanism Revisited
Penny Edgell: Ritual and Renewal in a Local Religious Ecology
David Feinberg: Creating Art with Survivors of Atrocities in South America: Recording History Through the Visual Language
Susanna Ferliti: Photographing Resentment: The Countess Castiglione's use of photography as a weapon of justice
Ofelia Ferrán: Jorge Semprún: The Duty of the Witness, The Task of the Writer
Carl Flink: Whack-A-Mole
Mary Franklin-Brown: Rewriting the Human in the Twelfth Century / Bertran de Born, The Lyric of Contest
Keya Ganguly: Minerva's Owl or, The Legacies of Left Hegelianism
Michael Gaudio: Travel to northern Italy for course development
Sumanth Gopinath: Listening to the Digital Watch: The Miniaturization and Musicalization of the Simple Audio Oscillator
Teresa Gowan: Alternative economies and anti-capitalist praxis among micro-producers in South-West France
Richard Graff: Greek Rhetoric In Situ: Digitally Reconstructing Ancient Sites of Oratorical Performance
Alan Gross: Communicating Science and Scholarship: The Internet Revolution
Jaime Hanneken: T(r)opologies of Latinité
George Henderson: "Value in Marx" book subvention and index preparation
James Henkel: The Book as Object: producing the hand-made book
Rembert Hueser: Department Buildings and Extracurricular Activities: Histories of "German Media Studies" from 1973 to the Present
Zenzele Isoke: New Black Social Ecologies: Translocal Sites of Cultural Resistance in the Twin Cities
Amy Kaminsky: Resonances between the Holocaust and Argentina's "Process of National Reorganization"
David Karjanen: A View from the Borderlands: The Visual Cartography of Latino Transnationalism
Diane Katsiaficas: Artist books as agents of change: seeding a partnership between the Art Department, Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
Thomas Lane: Exploring the Memorial Porcelain Vessel in a Digital Age- Phase 3
Rachmi Diyah Larasati: The Dance that Makes You Vanished
Bernard M. Levinson: The Creative Canon: Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel
Anatoly Liberman: Structural Linguistics and Russian Poetry
Scott Lipscomb: Inspiring creativity and engaged learning through new music
Alan Love: A Philosophical Analysis of Obstacles to Interdisciplinary Explanation
Jerry Luckhardt: Wind-Songs
Lynn Lukkas: Primary Tools for Creative Research and Practice
Nancy Luxon: Staging the Political: From Political Visibility to Vocality
Joyce Lyon: Deep Mapping: Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor and Invisible Scotland
Hiromi Mizuno: Engineering Asia: Empires and "Development"
Karen Painter: Apolitical listening at home and abroad: From Hitler's Wagner to "Carmina Burana"
Mark Pedelty: Singing for Sustainability: The "Lone Voice" Tradition in North American Folk Music
Lamar (Jarald) Peterson: Painted Trees
Wayne Potratz: Traditional Japanese Tatara: 7th International Cast Iron Art Conference
Paula Rabinowitz: Subvention for Color Plates in HABITS OF BEING 3 & 4
Matt Rahaim: Voice Culture: Ethical Power and Vocal Techniques in South Asia
Gloria Raheja: Charles Eckford Luard and the Reluctant Production of Colonial Knowledge in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India
Kathryn Reyerson: The Infrastructure of Medieval Mediterranean Piracy: Information Networks
Thomas Rose: The Chinese Pictures part 3 Allegories and Wonders
Jani Scandura: Skinless. Or, Without Time
Jenny Schmid: Taxonomy of Libertines: A Printed Guide
Christina Schmid: Places in Black: Re-imagining Contemporary Landscape
Dona Schwartz: The dog is like a member of the family
JB Shank: Making Science-State in Absolutist France: The Académie Royale des Sciences, 1650-1725
Paul Shaw: Paint the State of Minnesota with Piano Recitals
George Sheets: Legal History Conferences
Joan A. Smith: Choreography of "Wildspace," a new dance work for mature female dancers.
Hooi Ling Soh: Understanding a constraint on grammar through an investigation of verbal prefixes in Malay
Michael Sommers: Intimate Gestures
Dean Sorenson: CD Recording and Documentation of Artistic Process
Andrea Stanislav: Forget Your Past: A Video Installation Interrogating the Abandoned Monuments of the Communist Era
Valerie Tiberius: Does theory matter for happiness research?
Mary Vavrus: Gender and Media Militarism
William Viestenz: Bullfighting: Sport, Violence, and Bioethics in Contemporary Spain
Eva von Dassow: Archaeology and History at Alalakh (Tell Atchana)
Margaret Werry: Museum Theatre: On Making the Dead Perform
Thomas Wolfe: Rethinking Postwar Europe
Tetsuya Yamada: Creative project, "Lost in Silver"
Mathew Zefeldt: Towards Escapism: Painting the Imaginary Still-Life

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