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Accolades May 9, 2013

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Professor Thomas Rose (art) has had his recent book projects Secrets, the collaboration with Chinese artist Lo Ching, and Time Frames acquired by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Time Frames has also been acquired by the Library of Congress and the Yale University's arts library special collections.

Professor John Freeman (political science) has received the Wallerstein Award from the American Political Science Association's Political Economy Section. The Wallerstein Award is for the best article in political economy published the previous calendar year. John and his coauthor, Dennis Quinn (Georgetown University), won the award for their article, "The Economic Origins of Democracy Reconsidered," which was published in the American Political Science Review, February 2012.

Associate Professor Carl Flink and Professor Ananya Chatterjea (both theatre arts and dance) are both recipients of 2012 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Choreographers. Now, in addition to that award, they have both received residencies for the 2013-14 season. Carl will spend six and a half weeks in residence at the American Dance Festival (ADF) in Durham, N.C. in June-July 2014. He will create a new work using dancers from the prestigious ADF Six Week School. His new work will premiere at the festival on a shared evening. Ananya will spend one week in residence with her company, Ananya Dance Theatre, at the Tofte Lake Center near Ely, Minnesota, in July 2014.

Professors Penny Edgell and Doug Hartmann, and Associate Professor Joseph Gerteis (all sociology) have received an NSF grant for "Boundaries in the American Mosaic: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Contemporary United States." The project will provide an understanding of how race and religion, as aspects of social location and identification, shape how Americans make sense of their own lives, understand who is like them and who is different, and think about the broader society and public good.

Professor Donna Gabaccia (history) is the recipient of one of this year's University Outstanding Community Service Awards.

Graduate student Daniela Goldfine (Spanish and Portuguese) has received one of the first-ever COGS-MSA Award for Graduate Student Teaching. Other CLA finalists for this award were Matt King (history), Meghann Peace (Spanish and Portuguese), Shanshan Ding (statistics), Elakshi Kumar (gender, women and sexuality studies), Brad Price (statistics), and Kelly McKay (dance).

Graduate students Juliette Brungs, Marnie Christensen, and Adelia Chrysler (all German, Scandinavian & Dutch) have each been awarded the Theresa and Nathan Berman Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Studies and the Leo and Lillian Gross Scholarship in Jewish Studies.

Graduate student Wahutu Siguru (sociology) has been awarded the Badzin Fellowship in Holocaust & Genocide Studies. His research interests are in the sociology of media, genocide, mass violence and atrocities, specifically on issues of representation of conflicts in Africa such as Darfur and Rwanda, and collective memory.

These 42 CLA graduate students have received Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships, which will allow them to focus on research and writing during their fellowship year. (Alphabetical by department)

Myrl Beam (American studies)
Melissa Hatmaker (American studies)
Karla Padron (American studies)
Elias Vitulli (American studies)
Katherine Erdman (anthropology)
Kirsten Jenkins (anthropology)
Melissa Heer (art history)
Michael Crandol (Asian literatures, cultures, and media)
Dana Schowalter (communication studies)
Sara Saljoughi (comparative studies in discourse and society)
Bernabe Lopez Martin (economics)
Timothy Uy (economics)
Andrea Waddle (economics)
Caitlin McHugh (English)
Corbin Treacy (French)
Katharine Kindervater (geography)
Marnie Christensen (Germanic studies)
Megan Corbin (Hispanic and Luso literatures, cultures and linguistics)
Meghann Peace (Hispanic and Luso literatures, cultures and linguistics)
Ryan Johnson (history)
Garrett Karrberg (history)
Katie Phillips (history)
Anduin Wilhide (history)
Ann Zimo (history)
Soyoon Kim (mass communication)
Danielle Kuntz (music)
William Bausman (philosophy)
Brian Wilson (philosophy)
Brooke Coe (political science)
Garnet Kindervater (political science)
Molla Reda (political science)
Henry Thomson (political science)
Rachel Burns (psychology)
Patrick Dwyer (psychology)
Jennifer Fillo (psychology)
Steven Nydick (psychology)
Wen Fan (sociology)
Kyle Green (sociology)
Wenjie Liao (sociology)
Hollie Nyseth-Brehm (sociology)
Yunzhang Zhu (statistics)
Kimi Johnson (theatre arts)

The following students have received 2013-14 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) award through the Institute for Global Studies and the European Studies Consortium.

International Summer 2013
Undergraduate Emily Walz (Asian languages & literatures): advanced Chinese
Undergraduate Alexandra Mitchell (global studies): intermediate Arabic
Graduate student Julia Corwin (geography): intermediate Hindi
Graduate student Katie Lambright (history): intermediate Chinese

International Academic Year 2013-2014
Undergraduate Jennifer Cafarella (global studies): advanced Arabic
Undergraduate Pashouably Vang (Asian languages & literatures): intermediate Chinese
Undergraduate Na Hee Lee-Workman (Spanish & Portuguese): intermediate Portuguese,
Graduate student Julia Corwin (geography): intermediate Hindi

Western Europe Summer 2013
Undergraduate Madeline Reibe (French & Italian): intermediate Italian
Graduate student Kristen Stoeckler (theatre arts & dance): beginning Turkish
Graduate student Amanda Taylor (English): intermediate Italian
Graduate student Adelia Chrysler (German, Scandinavian & Dutch): beginning Yiddish
Graduate student Rachel Schaff (cultural studies & comparative literature): intermediate Czech

Western Europe Academic Year 2013-2014
Undergraduate John Stanoch (linguistics and Russian): intermediate Russian
Undergraduate Timothy Bell (physiology and French & Italian): intermediate Italian
Undergraduate Felicia Stevens (theatre arts & dance): intermediate Dutch
Graduate student Isaac Schendel (German, Scandinavian & Dutch): intermediate Norwegian
Graduate student Paul Vig (history): intermediate Dutch
Graduate student Margarita Kopelmahker (theatre arts & dance): advanced Russian
Graduate student Lucas Franco (political science): intermediate Norwegian

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