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In Case You Missed It: CLA In the News Dec 16

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Bridging Islam and the West
The Religious Studies program and Institute for Global Studies will sponsor Shared Cultural Spaces: Islam and the West in the Arts and Sciences, an international conference that will be held on campus February 24 through 26. The centerpiece of the conference will be the staging of one of the literary masterpieces of the medieval Islamic world, Hayy bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl, an Arab physician and philosopher in the intellectually adventurous court of caliph Abu Ya'cub at Cordoba, in 12th-century Spain. Nabil Matar (English) describes the play that will premiere at the conference.

"Be yourself" in holiday cards and letters, U of M expert says
Bernadette Longo (Writing Studies) on the rhetorical do's and don'ts of holiday writing. Includes audio.

U of M psychologists reveal the power of 'Getting in Under the Radar'
Jeffry Simpson (Psychology) and grad student Maryhope Howland's research shows how social support benefits are maximized when provided "invisibly" - that is without the support recipient being aware that they are receiving it. Includes video of Jeffry and Maryhope.

The upside of gays in military
Ronald Krebs (Political Science) makes a free-market argument in favor of allowing gays and lesbians in the military. Also see Ron's interview in MinnPost.

U of M Dance students challenge stereotypes of "black dance"
Ananya Chatterjea (Dance) on the dance program's semester-long examination of stereotypes of what "black dance" means.

Water and Oil
Ph.D. student Robert Gilmer (History) on the Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe and the class he is teaching this semester on that topic.

In Case You Missed It: CLA in the News Sept. 23

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In Case You Missed It: CLA In the News

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