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Moving Day(s)

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The move has begun! Large furniture is being moved off the 4th floor. Some windows along the southeast side are being removed so furniture can be moved out via forklift. Instead of students, the hallways are now full of boxes.


There are still lots of great finds outside the GSD library. Treasure troves of old maps, posters and books can be found in the hallways throughout the building.


The Spanish and Portuguese department is in the thick of packing. They move out next week.


Workers from McGough are readying these windows on the SE side of the building. Lots of Folwell furnishings will be moved out through these windows, placed in a big bin, and lowered by forklift.


This is the 3rd floor classroom where the furnishings will be loaded onto the forklift. They will add a ramp to this platform to speed up the emptying of the building.

That's a number reported in the New York Times on May 2. According to a new Census Bureau report, of the nation's 281 million people who are 5 or older, 55.4 million speak a language other than English at home. Of those, 34.5 million speak Spanish; 2.5 million speak Chinese; more than a million each speak Tagalog, French, Korean and German.

The move has begun

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Some offices in Folwell have already begun moving out of the building. The move will begin in earnest after World Languages Day is over, on Wednesday, May 19. Stop by to watch the clever forklift-rolloff container-ramp apparatus that will help move out furniture via a third-floor window.

If you are wondering where all of the Folwell offices will be located for the remodeling year, download relocation details (PDF).

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