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CLA student Paige Patchin wins prestigious Beinecke scholarship

Paige Patchin wins prestigious Beinecke scholarship

She is the third U of M student in three years to win coveted award

Patchin-Beinecke.jpgPaige M. Patchin, an honors junior majoring in history and geography, has been awarded a 2010 Beinecke Scholarship. She is one of 20 students nationwide to receive this prestigious award for outstanding undergraduates who intend to pursue graduate study in arts, humanities or social science fields. Beinecke Scholars receive $34,000 toward their graduate education.

The Beinecke Scholarship Program seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them and to be courageous in the selection of a graduate course of study. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cites is among approximately 100 American colleges and universities that are eligible to nominate one student per year for a Beinecke Scholarship. The University was first invited to participate in the Beinecke Scholarship competition in 2003. Paige is the fourth University of Minnesota-Twin Cities student to receive a Beinecke Scholarship, and the third in the last three years.

Paige grew up in Forest Lake, Minn. and came to the University with the intention of becoming a high school social studies teacher like her father. Delving into historical research projects with mentors Professor Sarah Chambers and Professor Patrick McNamara, Paige soon realized that her love of research and habit of questioning received knowledge was driving her toward graduate study. Her fascination with human histories and cultures is informed by rich interdisciplinary interests in geography and natural history, the relationship of technology to society, post-colonial theory, and cultural theories of the body.

The Beinecke Scholarship is the latest in a long list of scholarships Paige has received in her time at the University of Minnesota. She is the recipient of a Selmer Birkelo Scholarship from the College of Liberal Arts, a CLA Alumni Scholarship, two Undergraduate Research Opportunities grants and the Talle Scholarship in History for 2010-11. This semester, she is conducting independent research in Bolivia with the support of a Donovan Research Scholarship from the Department of History. She will graduate in 2011 and intends to pursue a Ph.D. in history or geography.

Of this latest honor, Paige says, "I canĀ“t wait to see where in the world it takes me."

The other recent Beinecke Scholars are Dustin Chacon (Linguistics, received in 2009) and Jeffrey Hunger (Psychology, received in 2008). Sarah Hampton (Anthropology, 2006) was the U's first Beinecke Scholar.

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