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Another royal wedding, but a different England

Good Question: Why do we care about the royal wedding?

Community bands offer fellowship of music

Royal couple compatible?

Showboat captain was hero on land and the river

History scholar explains U.S. April woes

U of M students teach first amendment lesson with free food

Getting in the last word

From bliss to miss

Technologies have "become us" and maybe we've even "become them"

Thomas Proehl, theater figure

Flexible work schedules save money

CLA faculty comment on our continued fascination with U.K. culture

Dance professor Ananya Chatterjea wins Guggenheim

What would a government shutdown look like?

Professor Deniz Ones awarded Distinguished McKnight Professorship

High-profile royal weddings date back to the Wars of the Roses

John Watkins, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of English, says that by the fourteenth century's Wars of the Roses, when rival claimants to the throne tried to bolster their claims by high-profile marriages, lavish weddings advertised kingly power.

Native American intermarriage puts benefits at risk


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