This week Google announced that all Google Apps for Education customers (such as UMN) will have unlimited storage available to them at no additional charge. The program supports individual files up to 5TB in size and will be available in the coming weeks.

Every file uploaded to Google Drive is encrypted, comes with the same high-level security that protects all Drive users, and remains the property of the individual or school who uploads it.  The Google Apps for Education group of services is free to nonprofit educational institutions and will remain free of ads and ads-related scanning.

CLA-OIT's Loaner Laptop and Equipment Pool Moved to Rarig

To streamline all CLA-OIT technology pick-up and drop-off to a single location, the CLA-OIT loaner laptop and equipment pool is now located in 508B Rarig along with video cameras. CLA-OIT staff manage the inventory and equipment is available to all eligible CLA faculty, staff, and graduate students. Online reservations are currently unavailable, but will be active later this semester. In the meantime, reservations can be made by calling 612-626-5881. Equipment is available for pick-up and drop-off Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The CLA-OIT website contains additional information regard the types of loaners available.

As the University works to provide the latest technology to enhance learning, obsolete and failing platforms must be retired. During the 2015 Spring Semester, VCR and DVD players will be permanently removed from the general purpose classrooms in Folwell Hall. This is part of a multi-year plan designed to encourage the safe storage of materials online and to limit the upkeep on outdated platforms.

The Office of Classroom Management will oversee the projection system upgrades and removal of the VCR/DVD players.

Faculty and staff who require assistance in transferring their DVDs and tapes to a digital format can contact their department's relationship manager.

Moodle Open Clinic

Moodle Open Clinic

Clinic Locations (no registration required)

Wed, Aug 27, 1:30p.m. - 4:00p.m., STSS 114

Thurs, Aug 28, 1:30p.m - 4:00p.m., Coffman Union 324, 325, 326

Scheduled to coincide with the August 2014 Teaching Enrichment Series - two days of workshops designed to address a range of instructional experiences and goals.

What To Expect

Drop in to get one-to-one, hands-on support; wherever you are in the process of developing your fall Moodle course, experts will be there to help.

CLA OIT Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team, along with staff from Information Technology (IT), the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the University Libraries, will be on hand to provide one-on-one assistance. Bring your syllabus and course materials if you have specific questions, or just stop by to get the conversation started.

(Some of the) Issues We Can Help You With

  • General Moodle site design

  • Moodle activities

  • How to teach with Moodle


  • Course reserves

  • Gradebook

Additional Support

Request a New Moodle Site

Faculty:  Request a Moodle development site or your Fall/Spring course site(s)

Training Opportunities

Want A Reminder?

Check the box on this form if you'd like a reminder emailed to you on Monday, August 25. Again, no registration is required!

We look forward to seeing you there!

CLA Technology Purchasing Process Remains The Same

With the changes in technoloy help desk support, there was some question as to what the purchasing process might be going forward. With the help of the Purchasing and Inventory Affinity Group - part of the CLA Technical Services Task Force - the need was defined for the purchasing process to remain the same as it has been in the past.

For technology purchases, the first point of contact should be your Relationship Manager. If you are not sure who your Relationship Manager is, please visit

CLA Helpdesk-Desktop Support Transition on July 1, 2014

Information about the transition of the CLA Technology Help Desk and Desktop Support services to the UMN Consolidated Technology Help Desk will continue to be added to the CLA Technology Help Desk-Desktop Support Transition Siteinto the Fall to help the CLA community through this change.

Feedback and questions about the process, services, etc. may be submitted through the
CLA Help Desk-Desktop Support Transition Feedback and Questions Form.

Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award Recipients

The College is pleased to announce the Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award recipients for the 2013-2014 academic year. The award is sponsored by a gift from the family and friends of the College of Liberal Arts alumnus Arthur Motley and alumni of the College. The purpose of the award is to recognize faculty who are outstanding teachers of graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts. It acknowledges tenured or tenure-track faculty who inspire and care, who make themselves approachable, who show an interest in individual students' well-being and in programs for the benefit of students generally, who give of themselves generously in advising, counseling, and directing projects, and who create an active classroom atmosphere. Such faculty members provide a model to undergraduate and graduate students through their own research and teaching, and leave an impression by their efforts which alumni recall with appreciation and esteem. In sum, the recipient of this award will have enhanced the lives of University of Minnesota students.

Please join us in congratulating the following Arthur "Red" Motley award winners:

  • Bruno Chaouat, Department of French and Italian
  • Carl Flink, Department of Theater Arts & Dance
  • Richard Lee, Department of Psychology
  • Mary Schuster, Department of Writing Studies
  • Shaden Tageldin, Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

CLA OIT Relationship Managers Hired

With the upcoming of period of change CLA will experience through the University of Minnesota's Consolidated Help Desk initiative, CLA OIT leadership has been consistently working to develop a new structure of support - one that will allow CLA OIT to identify and meet needs in education and research, as well as help CLA continue to be innovative. One of the new components of CLA OIT is Relationship Management.

Relationship management may be a new term for you. More details will come about what it is and how we will use principles of relationship management to serve CLA. To start, it can simply be thought of as the manner by which we listen and document specific needs of faculty, staff, and students and then inject that information - that voice - directly into the technology conversations and decision-making that happen at multiple levels of the University of Minnesota.

On Monday, May 21st, the relationship management team officially began in their work in CLA. The CLA OIT relationship management staff will be assigned a portfolio of departments for which they will provide direct support:

Nicholas Leeman

John Fite

Holly Leighton

Sean Burns

These names may be familiar to you. They have all served CLA in the past, most recently as CLA Technology Administrators - a position that will no longer exist in CLA OIT after July 1, 2014. Through the interview process, they showed their strong technical knowledge and expertise, but also a strong affinity for the liberal arts and CLA at the University of Minnesota. They all have a desire to work alongside faculty, staff, and students to make CLA as successful as it can be in meeting its goals in education and research.

I look forward to working with all in CLA in this new, focused way of providing service. Please join me in congratulating these four on their new positions and wishing them well as they begin to do this new work.

ISSS Announcements

Please note the following announcements from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services:
U.S. Consulates in Canada to Suspend Third-Country National Visa Processing for the Summer 
The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa has announced that third-country national (TCN) processing will not be available at any U.S. consular posts in Canada from June to August 2014. Only emergency TCN applications will be processed. TCN applicants with appointments already scheduled at a post in Canada during these months will not be affected. 

How will this affect U of MN international students & scholars? 
The suspension will primarily affect foreign permanent residents of Canada and foreign nationals who seek to renew a visa in Canada rather than travel to their home country. 
Social Security Administration Eliminates Ten-Day Waiting Period for Foreign National SSN Applications
Foreign nationals no longer need to wait ten days after entry to the U.S. to apply for a Social Security number (SSN), the Social Security Administration (SSA) has confirmed. As long as a foreign national's entry record is accessible in Customs and Border Protection's online I-94 system and is correct, he or she may apply for an SSN shortly after arrival. 

SSA uses I-94 entry records to verify a foreign national's valid immigration status and eligibility for an SSN. Before the advent of Customs and Border Protection's online I-94 system, the arrival records of foreign nationals took ten days to be entered into verification databases. Foreign nationals who applied for SSNs less than ten days after arrival in the United States often faced delays because their records were not yet available to SSA for verification.

How will this affect U of MN international students & scholars?
For J-1 scholars, the above change does not eliminate the need to Check-In at ISSS to validate their Active status in SEVIS. The SSN office will still need to verify the Active status of a J-1 visa holders. This can be done only after U of MN J-1 scholars have completed their Scholar Check-In with ISSS. 
As a reminder, J-1 scholars should report to ISSS before going to the SSN office. There is still a lag-time of 2-3 days in the electronic systems between U of MN, SEVIS, and the SSN Office's system. This means that scholars who visit the SSN office soon after their ISSS Check-In (which is normal), they might still receive a letter from SSN stating that they couldn't yet verify the "Active" status. This letter can still be used for Payroll purposes. In the course of a few days, the SSN office will have the updated status information. Unless the scholar is told by SSN that they must re-apply for the SSN, they do not need to reapply.
U of MN Background Checks and Non-salary J Scholars
Do Research Scholars holding J-1 visas and not receiving a salary from the U of MN require a background check?
On a basic level, according to the University Policy Office: The Research Scholar who is not receiving a salary from the U of M would not be required to complete a background check. Without salary appointments of any type are not covered under the policy. However, individual Schools/Colleges/Units can have their own policies around this and might still require it, so refer to your internal HR for the appropriate practice. 
If you have additional questions regarding the U of MN background check policy, please direct them to the University Policy Office ( and/or central HR. 

Important CLA Fiscal Year End 2014 Deadlines

We have received the Fiscal Year End memo for 2014 from central administration.  The memo can be found at:

We encourage you to read the entire year end memo.

A memo specific to CLA is entitled "CLA Fiscal Year End 2014 Deadlines" will be included in next week's CLA NOW newsletter.  This year end memo will include deadlines specific to CLA in order for the financial service teams to meet central administration deadlines.  

In the meantime, below are key dates for your year end planning purposes:

Key CLA Deadline Dates:
June 17      PO Vouchers
June 17      Non-PO Vouchers
June 17      Employee Expenses
June 30      P-Card Reconciliation

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