Now Free for UMN Departments: Acrobat Pro 11

Adobe's Acrobat Pro 11 is now available at no cost to UMN departments. Acrobat is used to convert any document to a PDF or convert a PDF into other formats, edit PDFs, merge multiple documents in a single PDF, and create fillable and web forms.

Available for installation on University-owned computers, the change provides significant savings for the University since Acrobat currently costs $61-$75 for a single license purchased through Technology Products vendors, and $450 for a full license if ordered directly from Adobe.
Installation questions can be directed to

Adobe Creative Suite Delivery and Fee Changes

Effective February 27, Adobe Creative is discontinuing all Adobe Creative Suite 6 TLP and CLP licensing programs.

What it means for departments:

  • Depts can continue to use their current CS6 programs

  • Future updates will require a transition to the Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Through the new program, CS6 lives online

  • Users pay an ongoing fee, rather than a one-time license fee

All other Adobe products available under volume licensing, like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Captivate, will be unaffected by this change.

If preferred, depts may still buy individual copies of CS6 on; however, education pricing ends 2/26 and the program has not been updated for three years.

As with any change, you're likely to have questions. For answers, contact visit Adobe's resource page or contact your Relationship Manager.

Now Accepting Academic Innovation Grant Applications

The Academic Innovation Committee is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Academic Innovation Grants Program. The program exists to facilitate faculty and department innovation in teaching and learning through the application of the latest in instructional technology.

Faculty and instructors submit proposals that are reviewed by the Academic Innovation Committee in spring semester. Download the packet of information and submit a proposal online.

Proposals for a single round of funding are open to Wednesday, March 4, 2015 with winners announced in May. Questions can be directed to Sarah Knoblauch at


For equipment upgrades or recurring funding, the Infrastructure for Learning Program supports the long-term evolution and maintenance of the inventory of instructional infrastructure in CLA. This program option is intended to utilize strategic planning with regard to your departmental technology equipment.

Department Chairs submit a single plan for their department for the following year that is reviewed by the Infrastructure for Learning Committee, made up of technology and space professionals from departments across CLA and OIT, in the spring semester. This committee maintains inventory and reviews department plans for upgrades and new facilities.

Proposal submission is open to Wednesday, March 4, 2015 with winners announced in May. Questions can be directed to Christopher Stordalen at Applicants are encouraged to work with their relationship managers in completing the plan documentation and submitting a proposal.

Good Luck!

Upgrade Portal Preview

CLA Admins are invited to participate in a User Review session on Monday, February 2. The session will provide an opportunity to try out the new system by completing common daily tasks in a test environment and learn new functions, including:

  • Advisor Center and Reporting Center
  • Portal navigation
  • Accessing grading, class lists, permission numbers
  • Registration: change enrollment appointments, waitlist process and 13-credit exemption process
  • Probation/suspension (academic standing)
  • Student records processing: program plan, transcript, service indicators, milestones, student groups, enrollment verification

User Review sessions will be available on the West Bank, East Bank, and St. Paul campus on February 2 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Since space is limited, you must RSVP prior to attending the session to ensure seating.

To RSVP, simply add your name to session.

If you have previously attended a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) session, we ask that you do not attend the User Review sessions, as again, space is limited.

Get to know CLA-OIT: Nicholas Leeman

Nicholas Leeman.jpg

Name: Nicholas Leeman

When did you start working at the U? October 2011

Current position? Relationship Manager for CLA-OIT

Where can we find you online? @TheMadjai
(My tweets are my own, do not necessarily reflect the views of the college or university, etc. etc.)

What advice do you have for CLA-OIT constituents who are intimidated by technology? That's why you have us! The college has the complete spectrum of tech savviness, and we are here to help every last user. We can provide all kinds of support and help, including training on how to plug in USB devices (I've done this!) as well as how to use high-end statistical software. And we do it without any judgement or guilt. We want you to be happy!

Is there a technology trend that you think constituents should embrace? What is it and how could it be used to make their work/person lives easier? Can you help? I think mobile computing is going to continue on the huge trajectory it's on right now. Laptops are eventually going to fade away, giving room to tablets and better and better phones. More and more powerful tech is getting ever smaller, and I think that we're on the cusp of everyone having a single device that does everything. Personally, I'm going to be first in line for the implantable tech. I can't wait.

What do you do for fun? Going to Twins games with my wife is one of my favorite summertime activities. I'm also an avid gamer. Playing board games with my friends is how I often spend my weekends.

I'm happiest when: I'm acting. I've been acting professionally in the Twin Cities for the last 9 years now, working for companies such as Park Square, Theatre in the Round, 20% Theatre Company, and Walking Shadow. I also have been a company member of the ComedySportz Improv Troupe in Uptown since 2005. Performing improvisational comedy for an all-ages audience keeps you on your toes like nothing else I've ever done.

Pet peeves: Terrible grammar and redundant acronyms. ATM Machine, PIN Number and CPU Unit are guaranteed to set my teeth on edge. Also, people who use the term "literally" when they mean "figuratively." Bugs me to no end.

ISSS Department Announcement - NEW J-1 ESL Requirement for 2015

Below is a message from Kathrin Hahn of ISSS:
Please see this document outlining changes based on updated federal English Proficiency requirements that will impact departments inviting J-1 scholars in 2015. 
After reading the document, feel free to send me or Stacey Buachart your concerns and questions around this change. As not much time was given for us all to adjust and due to limited details provided thus far by the government, ISSS might not be able to answer all questions immediately. Please know that we will answer as soon as possible so that you can move forward with your plans. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding while ISSS and other affected University offices, such as MELP, update related documentation and processes.
Best regards and Happy Holidays,
Kathrin / 612-626-7452

Position Management Update

Starting next Monday, January 12, all new position number requests and requests for revisions for 2XXX Undergraduate Student positions and 95XX Grad positions (except 954X post-docs) should be emailed to the position manager on the financial service team that does your department's payroll. The position managers are:

East Bank 1  Christy Campbell
East Bank 2  Inna Volfson
West Bank 1 Tameika Jackson
West Bank 2 Andrea Sjoquist

All other requests including labor represented, civil service, faculty, P/A, post-doc and temp/casual must be sent to

Update on Training

As you know, with input from administrators, we have created a master list of training topics for units.  CLA-HR's student intern, Pa Houa, has been working with Angela Brandt, Sue Schultz and Emily Stull-Richardson, CLA-OIT to explore platforms and formats.  

During Spring semester we will be working on content for a pilot onboarding module.  Once the pilot is complete we will roll that out and ask for feedback.  

The next steps are to collaborate with administrators, fiscal, HR and administrative staff with experience in other areas of training needs to create content in a standardized modules.  This will be a long-term project due to the large number of topics and the differences in the functions and how the functions are performed in each unit.

The Upgrade Go-Live Date Postponed

The ESUP Upgrade Go Live date will not happen in mid-February as previously anticipated, but instead will occur later in the spring.  The project leadership is focused on the implementation being a success, and recent system testing has resulted in a decision to delay the implementation. 

The project team anticipates setting and announcing a new Go Live date by the end of the month.

Spring Appointments - Payroll Office Reminder

The deadline for spring appointments (both paper and Intersections) to be received by your service teams is 12/19/14.  This is the date that your appointment will be guaranteed to be entered in time. Every effort will be made to enter appointments received after this deadline but there can be no guarantees.  

If you have your spring appointments ready, please do not wait to send them to your team. We have begun entering spring documents. Please submit offers and payroll information to your team as soon as offers have been confirmed and avoid waiting until the last minute if at all possible.

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