New Questions Answered in UNgrade Q & A Sheet

In its first week in service, colleagues asked and answered two questions in the UNgrade Q & A sheet.

Visit the document to add your own questions and find out:

1. Where you can add the Fac URL link in CCS.
2. How faculty/instructors can edit class info details themselves.

This is a good start and has the opportunity to grow with your questions and insights. Please take a moment and visit the document now.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

LATIS System Maintenance Window on 5/23



May 23, 2015

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Services Affected (avoid these during the window)

  • Research and compute servers (e.g. BLiSS)

  • Unix-based file servers (clio and thalia)

  • Database servers

  • Web servers

Services Not Affected (common services that users often ask about)

  • Google Apps (Gmail, Doc, Sites)

  • Active Directory File storage (Home, Shared, Project folders)

  • CLA Windows Terminal Server (WTS, also known as cla-ts and freya)

Specific Details:

  • Security Patching:

    • perform routine maintenance tasks which will require rebooting most servers.

  • Software Updates:

    • Deploy environment modules and make additional software available.

  • Storage Upgrades:

    • UNIX home directories will be migrated to different storage (  No user-visible change expected other than performance and capacity improvements, and users will not need to change how they access and use the storage.

    • Some other shared areas will be moved to as well.  No user-visible changes are expected.


What is a "system maintenance window"?

In order to correct a technical issue, install a security patch, or upgrade server hardware, LATIS must occasionally disrupt normal networked services. Whenever possible, we plan such service outages in advance during times that minimize the disruption to our users.

Can I work during the maintenance window?

In general, LATIS recommends that you avoid using the affected services during the maintenance window. Systems may be available during the maintenance window, but they can and will be shut down without warning and may be unavailable for hours at a time. So, use only at your own risk.

Can't this be done without disrupting service?

Certain tasks require server reboots and/or physically unplugging electricity. We do our best to group these tasks together to minimize the number of outages we schedule each year--which is generally less than five.

Can you reschedule this window to a more convenient time?

LATIS strives to select times that minimize disruption. It isn't possible to pick a time that will not affect somebody. We also have to consider the availability of our staff and central OIT staff who run the data centers and networks. We try to soften the impact by announcing maintenance windows well in advance.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP) or

What is LATIS?

Starting May 8th, 2015, CLA-OIT will be known as Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services or LATIS, for short. The new name more accurately describes the group's continued and purposeful expansion into the College-specific services that are central to achieving the CLA Roadmap, including supporting all aspects of the CLA student experience and the pursuit of research excellence and creative production.

UNgrade Tips, Tricks, and Advice

As mentioned in last week's CLA NOW meeting, we created an UNgrade Tips, Tricks, and Advice sheet available for all CLA NOW members and other CLA staff to utilize as a forum where people can ask questions about the Upgrade and fellow users can answer them. 

This platform allows for a quick turnaround for answers if everyone checks it regularly. If you feel comfortable with the Upgrade, please remain engaged as your  knowledge can benefit your colleagues and the college.

Answered questions will be archived on a separate tab after a few weeks. Should a question arise that the community does not know the answer, we will work with the central Upgrade team to find it. Larger or commons issues may also be highlighted in future CLA NOW sessions as needed.

Thank you in advance for your engagement and support.

Get to know LATIS: Alison Link

Alison Link.jpg

Name: Alison Link

When did you start working at the U? 2013

Current position? Educational Technologies Consultant, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team

Where can we find you online? @linkalis

What excites you about working at the U/LATIS? I have an undergraduate background in liberal arts, so I'm excited to work in a college that is committed to providing a solid liberal arts experience within the University. I believe a liberal arts education gives students incredibly practical skills for global citizenship, critical- and constructive thinking. These skills are highly nuanced, and aren't easy to reduce to metrics or summarize in news headlines, which is why they sometimes fall out of favor in popular culture. But they are deep, subtle, and support life-long growth. I'm excited to work in a space where we encourage students to grow their respect for diverse ways of knowing--from qualitative to quantitative, artistic to prosaic, observational to abstract, and everything in between!

What do you consider to be a best kept secret about the U? The UMN Department of Food Science and Nutrition runs a Dairy Salesroom on the St. Paul Campus that is open on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm.  Or, just head to the St. Paul Gopher Spot (in the basement of the St. Paul Student Center) to get a scoop of campus-made ice cream anytime. The corn flavored ice cream is my personal favorite. Try it with a dash of salt and it tastes just like corn on the cob!

Is there a technology trend that you think constituents should embrace? What is it and how could it be used to make their work/person lives easier? Can you help? I was the lucky winner of a Pebble smart watch at a local tech event a few years back. While I inititally started out as a "smart" device critic, my Pebble watch and I have grown into a pretty good partnership at this point. I started by turning off all of its e-mail notifications to quiet it down a bit. Now, my watch just alerts me to incoming calls and breaking global news events. And one of the coolest things about Pebble watches is that they let you write your own apps to use!

For example, I recently wrote an app that lets me keep track of my congressional representatives and see how they've been voting on current bills going through Congress. So now, I can give myself my own mini legislative briefing every morning right from my watch. And if anyone out there in the CLA community has some other ideas for watch apps, I'd love to hear them and brainstorm new ideas together!

What is your dream job? Back in middle school, we took a career profile quiz that suggested I should be a civil engineer. I had no idea what a "civil engineer" was at the time, so I didn't take it too seriously. Now, I realize that my middle school self probably had some good character insights...

What was your worst or most unusual job? I was a camp counselor for two summers at an English immersion camp in a tiny town in Switzerland. (And when I say "tiny", we're talking a population of about 500 people.) I later found out that that tiny town was in the same valley where my great-great grandpa grew up. I looked out across the valley at his family's farmhouse every morning without even realizing it!

Pet peeves: I'm not a big fan of acronyms, and the University of Minnesota is full of them! It's a losing battle.

Motto or personal mantra: "It's better to be half-baked than burnt."

Your favorites:

  • Favorite book/author: I remember reading "Babbit" back in high school and loving Sinclair Lewis's snarkily elegant prose. (And he's a fellow Minnesotan!)

  • Favorite website? I love for fun tutorials that are accessible to geeks of all ilks and experience levels!

  • Favorite brand? Trader Joe's makes the most amazing frozen foods. I don't know how they do it, but it's wonderful for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of confidence in the kitchen.

  • Favorite food and drink? The Germans have a breakfast spread that involves what they call "Weisswurst" (white sausages) and a half-liter of hefeweizen beer.  It. Is. Miraculous.

  • Favorite TV show and movie? I love The Mindy Project and pretty much any musical film out there.

  • Favorite musician or band? I spent some time in Montreal, where I got really into Quebecois folk music.  Lots of cool drum beats and down-to-earth fiddle sounds.

  • Favorite place on Earth? Budapest and Montreal are two cities that have really stuck out for me on my travels.  They both share a kind of "European humble chic" feeling that I love.

Elliot and Murphy Set for Printer Transition Week of 5/4

During the week of 5/4, the following buildings will have a printer outage of several hours as technicians secure ports to better protect data.

The confirmed buildings are:

  • Elliot Hall

  • Murphy Hall

The specific day and time of outages will be shared directly with affected units. The goal is for no printer to be down for more than four hours.

West Bank buildings taking longer than expected. Admins will be contacted directly to discuss plans for their buildings.

UMN's 1-Help and CLA's relationship managers will assist those with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep data safe.

Please share with faculty and teaching staff.

Do you work with digitized collections of text or images that require human eyes to process? Would your research benefit from many eyes to help transcribe or annotate your collections?

Come learn about the Zooniverse platform, the Zooniverse@UMN initiative, and the new Zoomanities initiative to crowdsource text-based research using digitized collections.

Monday, May 11, 10:00 to 11:30 am

101 Walter Library

RSVP by Thursday, May 7

Zooniverse is home to some of the Internet's largest citizen science projects. The U of M is fortunate to have Zooniverse co-founder Lucy Fortson on our faculty. As a member of the Zooniverse team, she helps identify the research projects that stand to benefit from the visual processing capabilities of over a million volunteers worldwide.

Professor Fortson, associate head of the School of Physics and Astronomy, will give an overview of how Zooniverse works and what resources it offers to researchers, and will explain the project selection and application process. Three U of M teams in the humanities, social sciences, and biological sciences will present the projects they are leading using the Zooniverse platform.

  • Resurrecting Early Christian Lives: Digging in Papyri in a Digital Age

  • Measuring the ANZACs: Height, weight, and health in turn of the century New Zealand

  • The Biodiversity Edge: Charting Change Where Biomes Meet

A Q&A session with all the presenters and Lucy Fortson will follow.

Sponsored by the C3 (Curiosity, Community, Collaboration) initiative of the Colleges of Science and Engineering and Liberal Arts, the DASH (Digital Arts, Sciences + Humanities Project, and Zooniverse@UMN

End-of-Semester In-House Moodle Help

Need help with your Moodle Gradebook?  Or need other Moodle support to help wrap up the semester?  The CLA-OIT team will visit various buildings during the last week of classes (5/4 - 5/8) to help with your end-of-semester Moodle needs.  

Come find us at a location near you:

Monday, May 4th - Social Sciences Rm 710

Tuesday, May 5th - Folwell Hall Rm 420

Wednesday, May 6th - Heller Hall Rm 460

Thursday, May 7th- Scott Hall Rm 103

Friday, May 8th - Ford Hall Rm 155

No appointment necessary. Just stop by anytime between 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. each day.

We're here to help and look forward to seeing you!
During the week of 4/27, the following buildings will have a printer outage of several hours as technicians secure ports to better protect data.

The confirmed buildings are:

  • Andersen Library

  • Anderson Hall

  • Blegen

  • Jones

  • STSS

The specific day and time of outages will be shared directly with affected units. The goal is for no printer to be down for more than four hours.

UMN's 1-Help and CLA's relationship managers will assist those with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep data safe.

Unconference: Technology in the Liberal Arts

Thursday, June 4, 2015
9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
STSS Building

Explore new ideas in technology, teaching, and research in the liberal arts. Share your questions and conundrums, projects, and knowledge. Learn some new skills. Work with others on a project. The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team, CLA-OIT, invites you to join us at teh Unconference on Thursday, June 4.

An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture, what a party at your house is to a church wedding, what a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee is to an NBA game, what a jazz band is to a symphony orchestra: it's informal and participatory.

This Unconference brings together faculty, staff and graduate students from CLA to learn from each other in a highly participatory and collaborative fashion. Participants create the agenda, and lead or participate in sessions. Technical expertise is not required: if you can pose a question or identify a topic to explore, you can lead a session. There is no registration fee, but registration is required. There is a limit of 50 participants. Lunch and some snacks will be served.

If you're interested in participating, please do the following:

1) Register by completing this form.
2) Join the Google Community, where participants will propose sessions.
3) Learn about Unconferences and how to propose sessions.
4) Propose sessions and keep up to date through the Google Community.

If you have any questions, contact Cristina Lopez,

CLA Upgrade Event is Tomorrow (4/9)

As you finish training in preparation for the Upgrade, please remember to join us at tomorrow's CLA Upgrade event from 9 -11 a.m. inAnderson Hall 110 (home of CLA-OIT). This event replaces April's CLA NOW meeting and will be a drop-in format open to staff who work in the affected areas. A light breakfast of bagels and fruit will be provided, so please RSVP.

The fair is designed to promote conversation where both college-level and department-level staff can engage in questions and answers, ideas for adapting to the changes, and highlighting further needs about:

- Appointment entry and intersections
- Faculty readiness
- IT
- My wallet
- Payroll and time and absence
- Recruiting solutions, position management
- Reporting
- Student: advising and student services, registration, enrollment
- Student: curriculum, class scheduling

This event is open to all CLA administrative staff in both department and college roles and anyone who works in PeopleSoft. Feel free to invite appropriate team members.

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