Spring Scholarship Processing

The Office of Student Finance has a few reminders and updates on the Scholarship Automation Process. Spring financial aid will begin disbursing for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law students on January 14th, 2008.


Please have all of your scholarship batches entered and approved by Friday January 11th. This is important to ensure that students' financial aid packages are complete and will be disbursed correctly. Batches entered late can result in cancellation of other financial aid, and have the potential to negatively affect students.

When financial aid information becomes available in PeopleSoft you will be able to begin entering scholarship batches for new freshmen for Fall/Spring 2008-2009. This is estimated to occur in the beginning of March 2008. More information will follow.

If there is a new user in your department who did not receive this email, please forward this message and have them respond to
saosf@umn.edu <mailto:saosf@umn.edu> in order to be added to the listserv.

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