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CLA Joint Financial/Human Resources Meeting

The next joint Finanical/HR meeting is scheduled for: Thursday, February 28 at 9:00 a.m. in 101 Fraser Hall.

Typically it is our practice to have the room for a half hour before the meeting for networking & refreshments. This month the meeting room is in use right up until our meeting time.

Please plan to arrive only a few minutes early so that we can get settled in the room and ready to begin the meeting as close to 9:00 a.m. as possible.

Quarterly Reports for Donated Funds

Attention Accountants: Quarterly Reports for Donated Funds

Karen Dewanz asks that accounting staff forward the most recent donated funds quarterly reports that you have prepared for your units -either September 2007, or December 2007 quarter-end.

Send reports by Friday, February 29 to the attention of Deb Ludowese (ludow006@umn.edu) and Deb will collect these for Karen.

If you have questions about preparing the reports, contact:
 Rose Pederson (6-7611, r-kerb@umn.edu.)

The report templates are located on the fiscal administration website at:


In anticipation of the new financial system with a new Chart of Accounts structure, it is especially important this year to cleanup of old accounts from CUFS prior to the creation of the FY09 budget prep tables.

Please review your current chart of accounts and identify any fiscal year, non-sponsored orgs and sub-orgs that should be deleted. Prepare an NBUB request to delete the account in FFN and submit it through the approval chain to Peggy Buckley in CLA Fiscal Administration for approval by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 5th.

To ensure selected orgs will be deleted, departments need to follow the requirements found in the "Process for FY09 Organization (ORG) Deletion" document from the Controller's Office. This document can be found at the top of the "Quick Links" section on fiscal administration webpage (http://www2.cla.umn.edu/admin/fiscal/default.html)

If you have any questions, please contact Peggy Buckley at: 6-9812 or mab@umn.edu.

Human Resources

HR/Fiscal Meeting Items:

At next week's joint meeting we'll welcome Margaret Klein, CLA HR Director. We'll have a few follow up topics to discuss, and we'll start to discuss the implementation of the various salary plans within your units and the college.

If you have specific items that you'd like to address, please send a note to: clahr@cla.umn.edu. We need to hear from you before Friday.

Student Pay Increases

At the February 28th joint meeting, CLA HR would like to discuss the typical processes for implementing compensation pay plans. In particular, we are interested in hearing about the application of grad and undergrad pay increases in your unit.

Below is the information from last year's salary memo. Please read before the meeting and come prepared to talk with us about what has and has not worked in this process.

FY08 Graduate Assistant Increases: Compensation for all graduate student employees is part of the University's and the college's compensation policies and procedures. The policies and procedures apply to all graduate assistants regardless of the fund source(s) from which a graduate assistant is paid. According to these policies and procedures, the college and local units are responsible for identifying a 3.25% pool of funds to support increases to graduate assistant salaries for all those paid above the base and for those paid from non-centrally allocated funds.

Criteria for merit increase: Increases in rates for continuing graduate assistants should be made on the basis of criteria established in your unit. Individual performance should be a major determinant, but other criteria may be considered as well.
FY)* Undergraduate Research and Teaching Assistant Increases: Units may choose to offer a recurring across-the-board increase of 3.25% to Undergraduate Research and Teaching Assistants.

Criteria for merit increase: It is the responsibility of the unit/department to establish written rationale and consistent criteria for different pay rates. Units/departments may assign a rate of pay that differs from the stated hourly rates after considering criteria such as the nature/complexity of the duties assigned; level of responsibility assigned; the individual's related work and academic experience; academic progress and excellence; quality, and/or quantity of work.

(Non-academic undergraduate student worker salary increases are addressed in the 2007-2008 pay plan: http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/toolkit/compensation/payplans/2007student.html)

P&A Promotions

The deadline for P&A Promotions has been extended to March 11, 2008. This is an extension of the previously published deadline of February 1, 2008.

Additional information is available online:

Please contact Angie Plambeck at plambeck@umn.edu or 4-0098 with any questions.

2008-2009 Pay Plans

The 2008-2009 Pay Plans are now available for the following employee groups:

  • Academic Salary Memo
  • Civil Service
  • Teamsters Unit 3
  • AFSCME Health Care Unit 4
  • AFSCME Clerical Unit 6
  • AFSCME Technical Unit 7
  • Undergraduate Students

The pay plans can be found online at: http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/toolkit/compensation/payplans/index.html

Faculty and Research - 2008 Annual Review Submission Deadlines:

  • Annual Reviews of Faculty Performance - 24 March 2008

    Effective spring 2008, all faculty activity reports and curricula vitae must be submitted electronically.

    FARs and CVs should be submitted as separate files; pdf attachments strongly preferred.

    Contact Gayle Gabrielski (gabr0074@umn.edu; 5-1805) with questions.

    Submit all documents to clafclty@umn.edu

IRIS Entry Training and Spring 2008 Entry Deadline:

The deadline for spring 2008 IRIS entry is March 10th.

We have scheduled IRIS entry training for all new staff, staff new to IRIS, and anyone else who would like to learn more about the system.

The training is scheduled for Monday, February 11th from 2:00-3:30 in Rm 202 Johnston Hall.

Mark Your Calendar

Feb 22
CLA Payroll cutoff for 2/18/08 - 3/2/08 pay period, 4:30 pm.

Feb 28
CLA Financial / Human Resources Meeting, Room 101 Fraser Hall, 9:00 am

Mar 10
Deadline for Spring IRIS entry

Mar 11
The deadline for P&A Promotions has been extended to March 11, 2008.
(This is an extension of the previously published deadline of February 1st.) 

Mar 24
Deadline for Annual Reviews of Faculty Performance

Mar 24
Deadline for Annual Reviews of P/A Staff

Mar 31
Deadline for Annual Reviews of Chairs / Directors
April 5
CLA Open House, 7:15 am - 5:00 pm

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