EFS Chart of Accounts (COA) Mapping Update

This is a reminder that as of February 1, 2008, all new requests for non-sponsored CUFS accounts in the current system will need to also provide the EFS/Peoplesoft account string (Fund, DeptID, Program and Optional Chartfields) in the NOTES section of the chart of accounts request form.

Requests that do not include the EFS account string will be returned by the Controller's Office.

All COA requests should be routed to Peggy Buckley (mab@umn.edu) for college approval. She will work with you to help determine the appropriate EFS/Peoplesoft account string.

The EFS Chart of Accounts for the college is being finalized, including the requested optional CHARTFIELD 2 values. If you have need for additional Chartfield 2 values that were not included in the original mapping last spring, please contact:
Cathy de Ranitz, (burke020@umn.edu).

A list of new EFS account strings that were mapped last spring will be sent to departments shortly.

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