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"Who is this Rick Guy, Anyhow?"

When CLA hired Margaret Klein, its new Director of Human Resources, it got a bonus in the deal: Rick Jacobson. Rick was Margaret's executive assistant in the School of Dentistry and agreed to follow Margaret to the second floor of Johnston Hall. Rick brings a long history of access, accommodation, and working with people who are blind or have low vision. He assists Margaret with printed materials, technologies, getting around campus, and other areas that will make her more effective in her new job.

Outside of his day-to-day life at the University, Rick provides audio description for blind theater patrons at about 25 venues all around the Twin Cities. He uses an FM transmitter to broadcast and explain the visual aspects of productions in real-time. He also writes description scripts for television and has started describing for blind passengers on cruise ships. For over 4 years, Rick voiced description for shows still being broadcast on Nickelodeon, Noggin, and public television stations throughout the United States.

Rick has worked at the University for nearly 8 years, primarily doing payroll. He's somewhat relieved that his new position in CLA doesn't involve timesheets, leave entry, or off-cycle check requests.

Rick can be reached at 4-3605 or

FY09 Fringe Benefit Rates

The University's annual fringe benefit rates are part of the negotiated facilities and administrative (F & A) cost rate agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). These rates are therefore subject to negotiation as a condition of our federal funding. Also, OMB Circular A-21 regulates how these rates are charged and it states that fringe rates must be applied consistently across all funding sources.

The University has now reached an agreement on the FY09 fringe rates with DHHS. The rates have changed only slightly from the proposed rates which were communicated in the FY09 budget instructions. These final approved rates should have minimal impact on your FY09 budgets or actual fringe expenditures; therefore, no changes will be required to the FY09 budget materials that you submitted to the college.

The revised rates are as follows:

  • Academic rate = 30.40% (unchanged)
  • Civil Service = 32.70% (proposed rate was 32.8%)
  • Police = 34.70% (unchanged)
  • Graduate Assistant = 21.9% (unchanged)  

The detailed FY09 Fringe Rate Table by Component is located at:

The FY09 Fringe Rate Matrix can be found at:

UM Foundation - Crediting Rate Change

Based on UMF Finance Committee review and in consideration of declining interest rates and volatile investment markets, the guaranteed annual interest rate for demand funds (crediting rate) has been changed to .5% (from 2%) effective February 1, 2008.

The policy for unspent available funds in endowment or quasi-endowment funds has been clarified as follows:

"The annual interest rate paid on unspent available dollars in endowment or quasi-endowment funds will be limited to the investment earnings of the current fiscal year up to the established crediting rate." (To clarify, if there is a negative investment return, the available balance portions of endowments and quasi-endowments would not receive a return at all.)

The crediting rate will be reviewed for adjustment on a quarterly basis.

If you have questions, please contact Gracie Davenport at 612-624-0346.

Aurthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award

The College invites nominations for this year's CLA "Red" Motley teaching award. Faculty members must be nominated by at least five CLA undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Nomination Forms are due in 113 Johnston Hall on Friday, March 28, 2008. The Undergraduate Programs Office will contact the home department of each nominated faculty member and will provide guidelines for preparing a complete nomination dossier. The department prepares the nomination dossier for the faculty member.
Dossiers are due in 113 Johnston Hall on Friday, April 18, 2008. Departments are asked to submit the original plus 9 copies.

The CLA Instructional Awards Committee will review the dossiers and make a recommendation to the Dean.

If you need further information, please contact Barbara Schwab at:

612-624-8675 or


Promotion and Tenure 2008-09 - Preliminary Information

Anticipated Cases: Please identify all probationary faculty members expected to be considered for promotion and tenure during the academic year 2008-09, as well as any tenured faculty members who may be considered for promotion to professor.

Please email your cases to Gayle Gabrielski at: by Wednesday, 2 April 2008.

Information Sessions: Promotion and Tenure information sessions will occur in April. More information will be forthcoming. Faculty, Chairs/Directors, and staff members in departments with upcoming cases are encouraged to attend.

May/Summer Session Instructional Funding

Information regarding May/Summer session instructional funding has been sent to department administrators and accountants.

This information is also available on the CLA Fiscal Administration website at:

If you have any questions about May/Summer session instructional funding please contact Pandora Aaron (, 4-9370).

All graduate students who teach during Summer Session are appointed as graduate student employees with a job classification that does not carry tuition benefits.

In some cases students may need to enroll in a class offered during summer that is related to their graduate studies. CLA will fund tuition benefits for those students. 

Funding is available primarily for students enrolled in CLA graduate programs. 

Students can additional information and the application form on CLA Administration website at:

The firm deadline for submitting requests is April 25, 2008. 

Please contact Jennifer Reckner at: 612-624-9815 or if you have questions.

Faculty/Human Resources

Blanket Requisitions - Term Faculty & P/A Instructional Appointments

Blanket requisitions for term faculty and instructional p/a staff positions must be
refreshed annually. Appointments of term faculty and/or instructional p/a staff for academic year 2008-09 (fall semester 08, spring semester 09, May session 09, summer session 09) must be made on a requisition created for 2008-09. Units anticipating such appointments during 2008-09 should begin preparing blanket requisitions at this time. Dates covered by the blanket should be specified within the requisition.

Blanket requisitions for 2007/08 should remain open until 30 June 2008 to ensure that appointments for the remainder of spring semester 08, May session 08, and summer session 08 can be made when the need arises.

The term faculty series job code (#9902) covers visiting, contract, adjunct, and temporary faculty appointments at the ranks of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor. The instructional (non-faculty) teaching series job code (#9903) includes the P&A classifications teaching specialist, senior teaching specialist, lecturer, and senior lecturer.

Templates for the term faculty and P/A instructional blanket requisitions are on the CLA website:

FFI: Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and CLA Office of Human Resources, 612-624-9839.

CLA Faculty 2008 Annual Review Submission Deadlines:

  • Annual Reviews of Faculty Performance - 24 March 2008

    Effective spring 2008, all faculty activity reports and curricula vitae must be submitted electronically.

    FARs and CVs should be submitted as separate files; pdf attachments strongly preferred.

    Contact Gayle Gabrielski (; 5-1805) with questions.

    Submit all documents to
  • Annual Reviews of P/A Staff - 24 March 2008 (direct to Angie Plambeck in 212 JohH)
  • Annual Reviews of Chairs/Directors - 31 March 2008 (direct to Gayle Gabrielski in 212 JohH)

Mark Your Calendar

Mar 21
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 03/17/08 - 03/30/08 pay period, 4:30 pm.

Mar 24
Deadline for Annual Reviews of Faculty Performance

Mar 24
Deadline for Annual Reviews of P/A Staff

Mar 27
Financial / Human Resources Meeting, 101 Fraser Hall, 9:00 am

Mar 28
Deadline for requesting a TA Allocation Agreement for fall and/or spring semesters 2008-09

Mar 31
Deadline for Annual Reviews of Chairs / Directors
April 4
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 03/31/08 - 04/13/08 pay period, 4:30 pm.

April 5
CLA Open House, 7:15 am - 5:00 pm

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