For Faculty and Staff with computers migrated to Active Directory

Central OIT has informed CLA that the University's Active Directory (AD) system undergoes regular maintenance on the third Saturday of each month. They have scheduled one for this Saturday from 6:00 am to noon. Unfortunately, as Active Directory is a University service, it is not within CLA-OIT's control to change the maintenance schedule or provide exceptions for specific users or departments. However, it is unlikely to take as long as scheduled and all services will probably be available within an hour or so.

For most users, these "maintenance windows" will have little or no impact. Only access to the Shared (S:) folders and access to the Terminal Server will be disrupted. For most faculty and staff, access to Home (H:) folders will not be affected due "synchronization features" CLA-OIT has implemented. Email, web, PeopleSoft, and other non-AD services will not be affected. Also, users from departments that have not been migrated to AD will not be affected.

CLA-OIT's advice: wait until 8:00 Saturday morning to access the Terminal Server or any Shared folders. If it works, proceed as normal but save often. If it does not, wait an hour and try again. If you have files that you absolutely need access to on Saturday morning, place a copy in your local Documents folder on Friday.

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