Training Opportunities: HRMS Impacts Course Sessions

ACES and Key Contacts:

Many of you have already taken various training sessions for the new EFS product.

Don't forget that if you have HRMS access to any of the following roles, you are required to take the HRMS Impacts course as well.

  • Appointment Entry/Update
  • Distribution Correction
  • Encumbering Entry/Update
  • HSA Entry/Update
  • Pay Entry/Update

HRMS Impacts course sessions will begin May 1 and in order to take the HRMS Inquiry course you are required to take Basic Accounting and Chart Of Accounts as prerequisites. If you perform any of the above functions and you have not already taken the Chart of Accounts course I advise you to get registered immediately. Only a few of COA courses will be offered between now and the end of May. (The Basic Accounting course is available on-line and can be taken any time after you register for the COA course.)

A GREAT BIG NOTE: You will not be allowed to attend the HRMS Impacts course if you have not attended the COA course, and if you do not attend the HRMS Impacts course your entry/update access to HRMS will be reduced to inquiry on June 16th.

E-mail me directly if you have questions on whether you are required to take the COA and Impacts course:

Cheryl (CJ) Madsen, Manager ( )
HRMS Production Support 660 WBOB (mailing address)
538 WBOB (Office location)
612/626-7963 Phone
612/626-8924 Fax

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