21st Century Grad Fellowship Funds - Reminder

Just a reminder to those units that have 21st Century Graduate Fellowship Funds, that you will receive the "Match" to your funds directly to the associated EFS spending accounts during July 2008. The match amount you will receive can be found on the fund statement in DMS by drilling down over the "spendable amount" dialog box. Add the spendable amounts received for the months of April 2007 through March 2008.

Remember that in addition, the monthly spendable amounts are added to the available balance in the fund, so your plans for use of fund payout should include both the monthly spendable being added to the fund available balance, in addition to the annual match to the EFS account.

If you have further questions about the match funds, please contact: Rose Pederson (6-7611, r-kerb@umn.edu.)

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