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Updated CLA Chart of Accounts (COA) Mapping

The college received the updated Chart of Accounts (COA) Mapping spreadsheet for all departments in the college. We have added it as a tab in the FY09 Budget & CLA Mapping Workbook on the Fiscal Administration webpage. To get to the new Chart of Accounts (COA) Mapping Worksheet follow the steps below:

Go to: http://www.cla.umn.edu/intranet/docs/BudgetPlanningWorksheet.xls

Open the excel worksheet and find the tab along the bottom that says "Mapping 6.6.08" This spreadsheet is sorted by CUFS Area Numbers already for ease in locating your current accounts in CUFS. Please save this data locally for your department files. If you have any questions about how to locate the updated Chart of Accounts (COA) Mapping worksheet, please contact Deb Ludowese (4-1008/ludow006@umn.edu)

Civil Service In-Range Adjustment Nominations

In-range nomination forms, worksheets, and departmental listings of civil service employees were sent to department chairs and administrators (or back-up staff) on Friday, June 6, 2008. Completed materials should be returned to the Human Resources Office (rickj@umn.edu) no later than July 3, 2008.

Employees covered by collective bargaining unit agreements are not eligible for in-range adjustments.

While the FY09 across-the-board annual increase is 3.25%, please remember that the pay range minimums and maximums have gone up 2.75%. Regents Policy prohibits paying an employee more than their classification pay range allows.

There are four types of in-range adjustments:

  • Exceptionally Meritorious Performance (Worksheet A): An in-range adjustment of 2% of the employee's new FY09 pay rate may be requested. The only increase allowed in this category is 2%.

(The pay rates listed on the spreadsheet are based on FY08 salaries with the across-the-board 3.25% increase added. Therefore, if an employee's salary was already at or near the top of their range, the pay rate in the spreadsheet may be incorrectly overstated.)

  • Equity (Worksheet B): An equity adjustment may be requested when a salary equity issue can be demonstrated.
  • Retention (Worksheet B): A retention adjustment may be requested to keep an employee who has received a bona fide offer of employment from another employer, or for significant external market issues related to retention.
  • Scope of Workload (Worksheet B): An in-range adjustment may be requested for significant permanent increases in the complexity of an employee's responsibilities and in the scope of their workload.

All in-range adjustment requests should be submitted on the appropriate forms and worksheets. If you're submitting more than one nomination, each nomination must be submitted on its own separate nomination form and worksheet. Please fully complete each nomination form, including examples in each category that will justify the increase.

In-range approvals that go beyond the salary range maximum will be modified to bring the pay rate to the maximum allowed for that particular job code.

In-range adjustment nominations and supporting documentation must be received in CLA HR by July 3, 2008. We'd like to provide responses to the in-range adjustment requests by mid-August and accepting nomination submissions after the July 3 deadline will only delay the process. In-range nomination forms, worksheets, the departmental civil service spreadsheet, and other supporting documents may be submitted electronically or in hard copy to Rick Jacobson in CLA HR at rickj@umn.edu

If you have any questions about the civil service in-range adjustments, please contact Rick Jacobson at 4-3605.

The College appreciates the dedication and hard work of all Civil Service staff supporting the mission of CLA, and we welcome your nominations to recognize the exceptional achievements of your staff.

June 16th is the deadline for SPA to receive (by 5 p.m.) proposals, awards, departmentally-approved sponsored rebudgeting requests (NBUDS), Contracts for Professional Services (CPS), PI-approved subaward invoices, and departmentally-approved pre-award spending requests to ensure that transactions are completed and data converted into EFS for Go-Live. Transactions received after this date will be held and manually entered into EFS after Go-Live.

Complete copies of cutoff dates and transition processing plans may be found on the EFS-SP web site under the Important Notices section (see particularly Notice #1 and Notice #2) at: (http://www.ospa.umn.edu/efs_sp/notices.htm)

DMS Changes with Implementation of EFS

As a result of the change to EFS, effective July 1, 2008, the last day that the UM Foundation will accept requests for transfers to CUFS is June 12, 2008 (noon). Any request for transfers to the University after June 12 should be submitted on an EFS invoice after July 1.

In EFS, a request for transfer of funds from the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) to the University should be submitted by preparing an invoice in the EFS "Create Bills" module (Training for this module is available through Training Services). The EFS invoice should be printed, signed by an authorized signer for the fund and then submitted to UMF for payment. Invoices may be prepared in EFS beginning July 1. The first transfers of cash to the University from UMF under the new system will begin in August 2008.

If you have questions, please call Gracie Davenport at the UM Foundation (612-624-0346).

Beginning July 2008, the University will use a new financial system. This system will impact UM Reports in the report categories as described in the attachment.

Please see the attachment "UMReports & EFS Vol.1"

It is critical that you audit the People Soft entries made by staff in the CLA Payroll Office once the entry worksheets have been returned. Let us know immediately if you find an error so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.

Items To Check In People Soft:

  • Make sure the pay rate is correct
  • Is the percentage of time correct?
  • Make sure the appointment dates are correct
  • Is the action/reason code(s) correct?
  • Make sure the Suspension, Termination or Short Work Break rows are not missing (missing end rows can result in OVERPAYMENTS)

Also, we recently updated the list of required documents for NEW CLA HIRES. This updated list can be found on the CLA Fiscal Administration website at: http://www2.cla.umn.edu/admin/fiscal/payroll.html

REMEMBER: Auditing the People Soft appointments we enter for you is a crucial part of the payroll auditing process. It is the final step in making sure your employees receive the correct pay on the correct pay day.

Request for Special Examination

Effective in FY08, the special exam fee previously administered by the Office of the Registrar will now be administered by the college through CLA Student Services. A $50 per credit fee for will be assessed to all students requesting the special examination.

The fee is required and will be posted directly to the students account by CLA Student Services. Attached are the instructions and Request for Special Exam form. Additional information is also available at:


Please contact Lonna Riedinger (5-9093, LRIED@class.cla.umn.edu) if you have questions about the process.

Joint Financial/Human Resources Meeting

The CLA Joint Financial/HR meeting will be held on Thursday, June 19 at 10:00 am in the MPC Seminar Room, 50 Wiley Hall (West Bank). Please make this change on your calendar, and watch for updates in CLA NOW in the coming weeks.

Mark Your Calendar

June 12
Deadline for June 30, 2008 transfers from UM Foundation to CUFS, 12:00 Noon

June 19
CLA HR/Financial Meeting, MPC Seminar Room, 50 Willey Hall (West Bank), 10:00 am start time

June 27
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 06/23/2008 - 07/06/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

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