CLA Administrators and Payroll Contacts: Auditing HRMS Worksheets that have been returned by your Department and/or Cluster

It is critical that you audit the People Soft entries made by staff in the CLA Payroll Office once the entry worksheets have been returned. Let us know immediately if you find an error so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.

Items To Check In People Soft:

  • Make sure the pay rate is correct
  • Is the percentage of time correct?
  • Make sure the appointment dates are correct
  • Is the action/reason code(s) correct?
  • Make sure the Suspension, Termination or Short Work Break rows are not missing (missing end rows can result in OVERPAYMENTS)

Also, we recently updated the list of required documents for NEW CLA HIRES. This updated list can be found on the CLA Fiscal Administration website at:

REMEMBER: Auditing the People Soft appointments we enter for you is a crucial part of the payroll auditing process. It is the final step in making sure your employees receive the correct pay on the correct pay day.

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