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It's been discovered that the EFS system is not recognizing "short work break",B-term appointments therefore, preparers have been unable to process reimbursement (and other) transactions for these faculty. Disbursements services has advised us that when this occurs to send an email to Colleen Barrett, barre027@umn.edu or Jackie Orchard, orcha002@umn.edu with the employee name and emplID and they will ask the project team to make the employee active in the system. If you have additional questions please contact your financial service team lead.

Procurement Specialist Update

Purchase Orders created in the new EFS are to be "received" by the Department. Departments are encouraged to use the P-Card whenever possible.

New vendors need to be set up by the departments.

Purchase Orders "converted" from CUFS can only be "received" by the Procurement Specialist, Paul Escen. In order for Paul to receive these orders, he needs the following information about the items ordered:

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Dollar Amount

Please communicate this to him via fax, email, or campus mail. You may include a copy of the invoice, but it is not required.

Paul's Contact Information:

Paul Escen

209 Johnston Hall


Fax number 624-6839.

Calling all Department EFS users!

Is the new EFS driving you "crazy" or perhaps you think it's "the next best thing to sliced bread"? Have you learned something new about the system that you know would be helpful to others? However you answer this, your fellow colleagues want to hear from you and begin to think about the possibility of forming an EFS users group.

A lunch meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 5th from 11:30 - 1:30 for department EFS users. We have sent out invitations to those that have been identified as a CLA department EFS users, ­but we wanted to announce the meeting in CLA NOW in case we have missed anyone. Please join us at this meeting if use of EFS is an integral aspect of your job. (i.e. process travel and expense reimbursement, requisitions, ECAR, receiving, Foundation deposits, vendor requests).

The goals of this meeting are to:

  • Thank you for your hard work at the end of this first month of EFS
  • Provide you with an opportunity to meet your colleagues
    throughout the college
  • Provide you with information about how you might choose to
    create an ongoing network of users in order to share best
    practices and access resources that can help through this
    transition period

We ask you RSVP by THURSDAY, July 31th, if you would like to attend this session. Please RSVP to Colleen Hennen at henne020@umn.edu

Reminders for CLA Administrators and Payroll Contacts

Fall Semester 2008 appointment worksheets are due in the CLA Payroll Office in 209 Johnston Hall by 4:30 pm on Friday, August 1, 2008.

Payroll Reminders:

  • Overload Teaching: All overload teaching must be approved by Assistant Dean Nanette Hanks. Send requests to overload@cla.umn.edu. We will not be able to process overload appointments without this approval. Attach the written approval to the worksheet you send to the CLA Payroll Office. Overload payments will be capped at a flat rate of $1,585 per credit. For additional information go to the CLA Instructional Funding website at http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/fiscal/funding.html and click on Overload Teaching Requests.
  • WORK STUDY: Please remember to ask under-graduate student employees if they have work study funds for Fall and/or Spring 2008-09. Check the Quick-Hire forms that are returned to your department from the Job Center to determine if the students you are hiring have been awarded work study. If your student employees are receiving work study funding, fill in the Work Study section on the entry worksheet.
  • Make sure you use the new CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet which can be found at http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/fiscal/payroll.html. Click on CLA Payroll Documents and Forms.
  • Include a POSITION NUMBER on the entry worksheets you send to the CLA Payroll Office.
  • Make sure you use the appropriate job code number for graduate students (9511 vs 9519, 9515 vs 9517 or 9521 vs 9529, etc.)
  • 9561 and 9562 APPOINTMENTS: If the funding source for these appointments is paying for Graduate Insurance coverage, check the Grad/Prof box in the Employee Class section of the worksheet. If the funding source will not pay for Graduate Insurance coverage, check the Student Insurance Eligible Box (NOT the Grad/Prof Box) in the Employee Class section of the worksheet.
  • Required documentation for NEW CLA Hires can be found on the CLA Fiscal Administration website at http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/fiscal/payroll.html. Make sure all the necessary forms and documents for new hires are attached to the worksheet BEFORE you sent it to the CLA Payroll Office. We cannot process appointments until we have ALL the necessary documentation.

Audit the appointment entries we do AFTER the worksheet is returned. REMEMBER: Auditing the People Soft appointments we enter for your department(s) is a crucial part of the payroll auditing process. It is the final step in making sure your employees receive the correct pay on the correct pay day.

IRIS Update

Although summer session 2008 payroll expenses incurred in FY09 have been processed using the new PS/EFS account string, please continue using the CUFS org (1504) for the purpose of summer session IRIS entry. We will begin using the new program code values effective fall 2008.

Academic Hiring Authorization

The CLA Academic Hiring Authorization form has been revised to include a box labeled Rationale for Appointment & Notes. The revised form is effective immediately. Please include a statement of rationale and note the source of search authorization for all academic appointments.

Examples of appropriate rationale statements include: "Authorized regular faculty search - Eisenhower retirement; search authorization letter of 10 July 2008; or "Replacement Position - Nixon resignation; authorized by email from CLA HR on 10 July 2008." The new form is effective immediately.


August 1
Fall Semester 2008 appointment worksheets are due, 4:30 pm, Payroll Office, 209 Johnston

August 8
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 08/04/2008 - 08/17/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

August 18
IRIS Summer 2008 Entry Deadline

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