Electronic Routing of NOGAs - Notice of Grant Awards or E-Awards

Effective July 1st, The Office of Sponsored Projects (SPA) will begin routing NOGAs electronically. SPA will automatically send a copy to the Principal Investigator.

For CLA, a second copy will be sent to Erik Farseth, receptionist in the Dean's office, who will distribute copies (along with some helpful tips and PI instructions) as follows:

  • Department Chair or Unit Director
  • Department Administrator
  • Fiscal Contacts - Senior Accountants
  • Fiscal Team Leads & Certified Approvers
  • Gayle Anderson - CLA Grants Management Coordinator

Because the CLA has a large list of contacts with frequent changes making it difficult SPA to maintain, it was determined that having a central CLA repository for e-NOGAs would allow for more timely and accurate routing. NOGAs will also be kept on file in the CLA Fiscal Office and can be sent upon request or SPA has provided instructions as to how to retrieve NOGA's online.

For questions or concerns, please contact Gayle Anderson ander104@umn.edu, 6-9612.

More about E-Award Distribution can be found at the SPA website:

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