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It is critical that the PeopleSoft entries made by staff in the CLA Payroll Office are audited once the entry worksheets are returned to your cluster. Let us know immediately if you find an error so that it can be corrected it as soon as possible.

Items to Check in PeopleSoft:

  • Missing Short Work Break, Suspension or Termination row that would result in over payments if not entered in People Soft
  • Check to make sure the pay rate is correct
  • Is the percentage of time entered correctly?
  • Make sure the appointment dates are correct
  • Are the action/reason codes correct?
  • Make sure the account string is correct
  • Check to make sure the entity # is correct
  • Has work study been placed? (if applicable)

Other issues: If you are submitting a revised worksheet, please write REVISED in large print at the top of the worksheet. If you have a grad student (or undergrad student) being paid from two different accounts but the job code, pay rate and percentage of time are all the same, prepare only ONE worksheet and list both account strings on the same form along with the number of hours to pay from each account.

Also, remember to fill in the "WORKSTUDY EFFECTIVE DATE" field on the entry worksheet if the student you are hiring has been assigned workstudy funds. It will be much easier for us to notice that a student has workstudy if this field is completed.

Remember: Auditing the PeopleSoft appointments we enter for your departments is a crucial part of the payroll auditing process. It is the final step in making sure your employees receive the correct pay on the correct pay day.

Summer 2008 IRIS Entry

A reminder that May term courses can be found under the term "Intersession 2008." Please review the "Outstanding Issues" report for both Intersession 2008 and Summer 2008. If you need additional time to complete your summer term entry, please contact Pandora Aaron (aaron012, 4-9370).

Central Human Resources now requires that colleges include additional information in PeopleSoft for their new and rehire employees. In order to help track new and rehire employee information, the CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet has been updated to include the HIRE TYPE information. This new field can be found near the bottom of the new worksheet between the UM Appointment and Employee Data fields. When you fill out this new worksheet for a new hire or rehire for a unit in your cluster, check the appropriate box: NEW (new position in your department) or REPLACEMENT. Use replacement if the new employee is replacing an employee who has left your department, then include the previous employee's ID # in the REPLACEMENT ID # field on our new worksheet.

Do NOT include the HIRE TYPE information for the following employee groups: undergrad students, grad students, temp/causal employees. For more detailed information see the Business Process: Replacement Hire Tracking at

Please start using this new entry worksheet immediately (it is dated 08/08/08 on the bottom of the second page) and recycle all previous versions of the CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet. You can find the new form on the CLA Fiscal Administration web site under Payroll Documents - Documents and Information at

Mark Your Calendar

September 5
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 09/01/2008 - 09/14/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

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