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Information Regarding CF1, for Staff Working with Endowments

There have been questions about what to use for the CF1 Chartfield in EFS for endowments.

First, determine whether the endowment is a University endowment (formerly managed by Asset Management), a U of MN Foundation endowment, or a PUF endowment.

For Foundation endowments, use the format "UMF000xxxx" where "xxxx" is the four-digit Foundation Fund number.

For University managed endowments, use the format "END00Exxxx" (where "Exxxx" is the newly created program code in EFS), and also note that "xxxx" is the last four digits of the newly created participant id.

For PUF endowments, use the format "UMF000xxxx" where "xxxx" is the four-digit Foundation Fund (or gift portion) associated with the endowment. PUF endowments still have an associated University match portion but for consistency Treasury Accounting asks that we use the CF1 that ties to the UM Foundation Fund.

For reference we have placed a CF1 mapping spreadsheet for CLA's University and PUF endowments on the Fiscal Admin website.

Contact Rose Pederson (6-7611, if you have further questions.

For departments that have University Endowments, the quarterly distributions to target accounts will continue as was done in CUFS (and will now map to the current accounts in EFS). This process is only for University Endowments. The process to move funds from UM Foundation Endowments is through Billing in EFS. The process for PUF endowment distributions is still being worked out. Further information will be communicated once that has been determined. Contact Rose Pederson (, 6-7611) if you have questions.

The REPA end-of-year filing start date is September 29th, 2008

REPA filing communication schedule:

  • September 29th, 2008: Automatic email sent to all individuals required to file a 07-08 end-of-year REPA.
  • October 13th, 2008: Automatic email sent to required filers who as of 10/12/08 have not yet filed.
  • October 27th, 2008: Final automatic email sent to remaining individuals that have not filed as of 10/26/08.

The deadline for filing a REPA is November 7, 2008.

Please see the attached document regarding important policy information related to background verifications and unpaid personal leave (DOC).

Administrative Policy: Unpaid Personal Leaves for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees can be found online at

Administrative Procedures: Requesting/Approving Discretionary Unpaid Personal Leave can be found online at

The University Employee Recognition Awards chart, part of the administrative policy: Hospitality and Special Expenses, has been updated. The changes have been made as a result of additional guidance from the Internal Revenue Service. Please follow the revised chart effective immediately to ensure that the University and its employees are in compliance with income tax requirements.

Highlights of the changes:

  • University Bookstore's gift cards presented to employees are subject to income tax for the employees, regardless of the gift card value. This is considered a cash equivalent and the IRS requires all cash equivalents to be included in income.
  • University Bookstore coupons for specific items of personal property are not subject to tax as long as the value of the item is $75 or less, the coupon is provided infrequently and it is administratively impractical to account for the coupons. This is the equivalent of giving an employee a specific item of personal property.

Please read the requirements carefully and review the examples for additional guidance. If you have further questions, contact the Tax Management Office at or 612-624-1053.

See: University Employee Recognition Awards chart (DOC)

No TIP Charge For October

The University Budget Office has decided that there will not be TIP charged for October. They are still discussing the TIP process in the new system and they will inform us when further decisions have been made.

Updates on Fiscal Administration Web Page

A section for PeopleSoft Financials (EFS) Documents and Resources has been added to the Fiscal Administration Web Page. We have several spreadsheets with Chartfield Values, Program Codes, CUFS Area - DeptID equivalents, etc. We will add job aids as they are created and other resources as they are made available.

Many of these resources were taken out of the mapping workbook created during the FY09 budgeting process. If there are documents that you would like to see added please send an email to Deb Ludowese (ludow06) and she will follow-up on your request.

You can find the PeopleSoft Financials (EFS) Documents and Resources by clicking this link

Effective immediately: Civil Service and Bargaining Unit positions

Effective immediately, for Civil Service and Bargaining Unit positions, the "starting hourly rate" on all requisitions submitted to the online employment system will list the minimum wage for that job code followed by the phrase, "commensurate with qualifications and experience".

For professional and administrative positions, you can either state, "commensurate with qualifications and experience", or you can include a minimum annualized amount that you anticipate paying, followed by that phrase. This is a change from listing the minimum and maximum of a range, in an effort to provide applicants with reasonable starting salary expectations, while allowing flexibility to negotiate salary.

Reminder: Hire Type Information Now Required in PeopleSoft:

Central Human Resources now requires that colleges include additional information in PeopleSoft for their new and rehire employees. In order to help track new and rehire employee information, the CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet has been updated to include the HIRE TYPE information. This new field can be found near the bottom of the new worksheet between the UM Appointment and Employee Data fields. When you fill out this new worksheet for a new hire or rehire for a unit in your cluster, check the appropriate box: NEW (new position in your department) or REPLACEMENT. Use replacement if the new employee is replacing an employee who has left your department, then include the previous employee's ID # in the REPLACEMENT ID # field on our new worksheet.

Do NOT include the HIRE TYPE information for the following employee groups: undergrad students, grad students, temp/causal employees. For more detailed information see the Business Process: Replacement Hire Tracking at

Please start using this new entry worksheet immediately (it is dated 08/08/08 on the bottom of the second page) and recycle all previous versions of the CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet. You can find the new form on the CLA Fiscal Administration web site under Payroll Documents - Documents and Information at:

CLA Financial/Human Resources Monthly Meeting

The next CLA Financial/Human Resources meeting will be on Thursday, September 25 in the Minnesota Population Center Seminar Room (50 Willey Hall - West Bank). The meeting begins at 9:00 a.m.

Mark Your Calendar

September 19
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 09/15/2008 - 09/28/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

September 25
Joint CLA Financial / Human Resources Meeting, 50 Willey Hall, 9:00 am

October 3
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 09/29/2008 - 10/12/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

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