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Endowments - Update Notes

University (Asset Management) Endowments
Endowment reports are not yet available in EFS. The July 31, 2008 market values are currently available to view in EFS (Cash Management/participant position) by senior accountants on the service teams. Information for August and September market values is currently being loaded into EFS, after which, distributions for first quarter-end will be entered. We will keep you posted in CLA NOW on status of distributions and reports.

Quarterly distributions will continue to target accounts in EFS, the same as was done in CUFS. This includes all CEF endowments as well as the University (match) portion of PUF endowments. At this time we understand that the Foundation (gift) portion of PUF endowments will need to be requested through the Billing module in EFS. However, that process is still in flux and will be communicated by the Foundation once it is known.

When planning for FY09 and FY10 distributions, a close estimate is to plan for the same amounts as FY08 for stable endowments (exceptions: endowments with large fluctuations in or out of the endowment, endowments created during the past several years.)

CF1 is required for endowment chart strings. There is a CF1 mapping for University endowments on the CLA Fiscal website, along with other college mapping documents.

Foundation Endowments

When planning for FY09 and FY10 distributions, use the same distribution amounts as FY08 for stable endowments. Foundation endowments usually have more fluctuations in principal value than do University endowments, due to contributions, transfers in, distributions to spending accounts. So Foundation endowments need to be reviewed more closely when making projections.

If you have further questions about status of EFS related to endowments, contact Rose Pederson (6-7611,


November 7
Deadline for filing a 2007-2008 REPA

November 14
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 11/10/2008 - 11/23/2008 pay period, 4:30 pm

November 20
Joint CLA Financial / Human Resources Meeting, 140 Nolte Center (East Bank), 9:00 am

Dec. 12
Nominations and dossiers are due for the Tate Award, 113 Johnston Hall

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