Discounted Job Advertising with MN Minority Media Coalition

The UMW Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) has established advertising discounts with the Minnesota Minority Media Coalition--7 local/regional minority newspapers that serve the African American, Latino, Native American, and Asian American communities. The discounts are effective immediately and apply to print and on-line advertising.

HERC hopes the discounts will bring savings to the U of M and the other HERC institutions. HERC-wide utilization and savings will be logged by the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder--the publication that serves as the agent for all the papers. We want to share the news of the discounts with any office on campus that may be targeting these communities for student and employee recruiting and advertising.

To receive the discount, the U of M unit will only need to tell Raymond Boyd at the Spokesman that the U is a member of HERC. Contact: Raymond Boyd, Account Representative,

(See: Minority Media Coalition Newspapers Discount Summary.doc)

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