Important Payroll Reminders

Now that spring semester is underway, we want to remind departments about the requirements for timecards, and ask that you remind your employees of these requirements as well.

Please use the most up to date version of the timecard (the "Biweekly Payroll Time Sheet") which is in the forms library, and includes EFS chartfield string information, which replaced the CUFS account information. Timecards need to be completed in ink (not in pencil). All timecards need to be signed by the employee as well as the supervisor before they are entered. Timecards should include hours from a single pay period.

Pay period dates are available online: (

Completed timecards received by the financial service team by noon on the Monday of pay entry week are guaranteed to be entered by the pay entry deadline.

Also, supervisors need to be aware of the legal requirements for breaks during the work day, and to ensure that employees are complying with those requirements. Lunch breaks should be noted on time cards.

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