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HR Pro Link: Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

The University is introducing a new UPlan program called Medication Therapy Management (MTM) that is available beginning next week. It is intended for eligible UPlan members who take four or more covered medications or have a referral from their physician. UPlan members will receive the U & Your Benefits newsletter with detailed information about MTM this week.

For those of you who are not familiar with Medication Therapy Management, it is an assessment by an MTM-qualified pharmacist during which the pharmacist meets face-to-face with the member to review the member's health status, assess his or her medication use, and develop a treatment plan to share with the member and his or her primary care physician. Members who participate in MTM are encouraged to meet with their MTM pharmacist three times (or more as needed) during the first year and two times during each subsequent year.

There is no cost to members for the MTM visits, and those who participate will receive a six-month copay reduction on their Generic Plus and Brand medications. All Generic Plus medications will be reduced from $8 to $0, and all Brand Formulary medications from $20 to $12. Members who begin participation between the start of the program and the end of June will receive the copay reduction through December 31, 2009.  

To learn more about the UPlan MTM program, a PDF is attached of the "U & Your Benefits" newsletter that describes the MTM program and also includes pharmacy and wellness program information.

We have included the Web site address,, and encourage you to visit the site to find the following materials on the Web page: 

  • The Member Participation Agreement that is signed by the member and MTM pharmacist and sent to RxAmerica for processing the copay reduction
  • The Directory of Pharmacists that lists the network of pharmacists and locations. Because MTM pharmacists are not in each clinic or pharmacy, members can go to any MTM pharmacist, regardless of the clinic, pharmacy, or health plan they have selected.
  • The UMConnect presentation with additional information about medication therapy management 
  • The UPlan MTM Frequently Asked Questions. If you or employees in your area have questions that you think should be included in the FAQs, please let us know.

Call the Employee Benefits Service Center at 612-624-9090 or 1-800-756-2363, press option 2, or send an e-mail to for any questions you have on the MTM benefit.

Academic Employee Vacation Tracking
CLA requires the use of the official "Faculty/P&A Vacation Leave Reporting" form for reporting vacation leave for academic employees.

The form can be found online at:

P&A Annual Reviews

The annual review of academic professional and administrative staff provides an opportunity to assess a staff member's personal progress, achievements, personal or professional development, and individual efforts in relation to the ongoing mission and goals of the unit. Opportunity should be made for open dialogue between the employee and supervisor in which achievements can be reviewed, problems can be addressed, any changes in work loads and expectations can be detailed and discussed, and new goals can be agreed upon. For the employee, supervisor, and the college the annual review provides a record of employee performance for consideration of merit, special merit, documentation important for professional development leave or promotions, and, where necessary, requests for improvement. The annual review provides an occasion for an employee to fulfill a desire to excel.


  • Annual reviews are required for all P&A staff who hold appointments of 50% or greater and nine months or greater.
  • Designated supervisors are responsible for initiating the annual review and conducting the evaluation conference.

Packets must include:

  • written description of the unit's review process
  • employee self evaluation
  • signed review document
  • employee response (if provided by employee).

Complete packets of review materials must be submitted in electronic format to CLA Human Resources by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 23, 2009.  Send review materials as attachments in a single email to Rick Jacobson at

Further information and complete application guidelines can be found on the CLA Human Resources intranet page:

P&A Professional Development Leaves

Applications for P&A professional development leaves are considered during spring semester for leaves to be taken the following summer, fall, or the next spring; and during fall semester for leaves to be taken the following spring, summer, or next fall.

Applications for P&A professional development leaves must describe the activities of the requested leave, including length and dates of the leave, location of leave activities, a timeline or agenda for the leave specifying what the applicant intends to achieve and at what point, and a statement describing the anticipated benefits to the individual and unit.

Application materials are due in CLA Human Resources by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, 2009. Please submit one copy of the application form and all necessary attachments in electronic format. Send professional leave application materials as attachments in a single email to Rick Jacobson at

Further information and complete application guidelines can be found on the CLA Human Resources intranet page:

Faculty - 2009 Annual Review Submission Deadlines

Annual Reviews of Faculty Performance - 23 March 2009
All faculty activity reports and curricula vitae must be submitted electronically, on the "projects" drive.  FARs and CVs should be submitted as separate files; pdf only.  Please label each pdf file with the faculty member's last name and appropriate descriptor (FAR or CV).  If available, please submit paper copies to the college as well.  Contact Gayle Gabrielski (gabr0074; 5-1805) with questions.

Annual Review of Chairs/Directors - 30 March 2009
Chairs/Directors materials include: self-evaluation, unit evaluation of Chair/Director, FAR, CV.  Submit all documents electronically, on the "projects" drive as separate PDF files.  Please label each pdf file with the Chair's/Director's last name and appropriate descriptor (self eval, unit eval, FAR, CV).  Contact Gayle Gabrielski with questions.

Mark Your Calendar

Mark Your Calendar

March 12
Complete electronic dossiers for P&A Promotions are due, 4:30 pm

March 23
Complete packets for P&A Annual Reviews are due, 4:30 pm

March 20
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 3/16/2009 - 3/29/2009 pay period, 4:30 pm

March 26
Application materials are due for P&A Professional Development Leaves, 4:30 pm

March 26
Monthly Financial Services / CLA Human Resources meeting, MPC Seminar Room (50 Willey Hall, West Bank), 9:00 - 10:30 am

April 3
CLA Payroll cutoff for the 3/30/2009 - 4/12/2009 pay period, 4:30 pm

April 3

Motley Award Dossiers and 9 copies due in 113 Johnston Hall

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