P&A Promotions

Promotion dossiers of academic professional and administrative staff (P&As) in promotional series can be submitted once per year. Units are responsible for developing and maintaining standards, guidelines and procedures for the promotion of P&A employees in classifications that are part of a promotional series.

Recommendations for promotion are reviewed initially by CLA's P&A Promotion and Leave Review Committee, which serves in advisory capacity to the Dean. Promotions approved by the College of Liberal Arts take effect the following fiscal- or academic-year; in mid- to late-June for A-term employees, or in late-August for B-term employees.

Candidates for promotion will be notified of the college's decision in mid to late-May.

Please provide the complete dossier in electronic format to CLA Human Resources no later than 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 12, 2009.  Send promotion dossiers to Rick Jacobson at rickj@umn.edu

Further information and complete application guidelines can be found on the CLA Human Resources intranet page:  http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/hr/PromotionGuidelines.php

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