Student and Course Fees

All course fees and incidental fees charged to students must be approved. This includes charges to graduate students for dossier services (i.e., printing and mailing of dissertation or vita materials).

All fee requests must be submitted as a part of the annual budget planning process (requests were due by April 6th).

Fee requests proposed after the due date can be submitted through the fee request system through an off-cycle process. Requests for new fees should be sent to Pandora Aaron at:

All fee requests should include the following information:

  • Fee name
  • The course(s) (when requesting a course fee)
  • The term that the fee will be assessed
  • Fee amount and rate structure (flat fee, per credit)
  • The PS/EFS chart field
  • Expected revenue generated (optional)
  • Assessment method (will it be posted as part of the tuition calculation process, will a department be posting it directly to the student accounts, or is it collected by some other method, i.e., CR)
  • The fee purpose-Course fees are approved for three purposes (per Regents policy): 1) consumable materials, 2) transportation related costs, and 3) demand for specialized equipment or services
  • Justification (what specific group of students and why)
If you have any questions, please contact Pandora Aaron (4-9370).

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