FY10 McMillian Travel Funding Change

Due to the decrease in endowment values, there is a new model for how McMillan Travel funding will be awarded to units for FY10. 

We plan to award a similar amount for faculty ($375 per) and P&A staff ($200 per) as in the past.  However, there is a change to how we count the number of faculty and P&A. In prior years we provided faculty funding based on faculty lines, whether filled,
or on sabbatical or phased retirement. This year we will not provide McMillan funding for vacant lines, unpaid leaves, and the % of leave for phased retirees (as of spring 2009.)

McMillan funding for P&A in the past was based on printed budget headcount, whether filled or unfilled.  This year the college will provide funds based on headcount for filled P&A positions as of Spring 2009.

Fiscal Administration will provide a preliminary list to department administrators prior to the budget letters for their review and response to any discrepancies.

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