Fall Hiring Follow-up to Joint Meeting on July 23rd

Follow-up items from the discussion of Fall hiring at the July 23 Joint Meeting:

Payroll cutoff date: The CLA Payroll cutoff date for fall appointments is August 7.  This is the date that CLA Payroll "guarantees" they will have enough time to ensure that all of the appointments are entered.  We are well aware that for many departments this cutoff date is unrealistic for them to effectively meet since their hiring decisions are often predicated on enrollments and other factors that are not known until after the August 7th date. 

Too, we understand that the addition of the Provost hiring approval process lengthens the overall processing time and may further delay submitting payroll documents. These factors are not unique and we realize that many fall appointments will be submitted after August 7th. 

Rest assured that CLA Payroll will work diligently to get all appointments entered right up to the time of Central's deadline.  Everyone's cooperation, however, is needed to ensure that the fall appointments are submitted to the service team as soon as possible in order to allow enough time to get to CLA Payroll and then entered.  We completely understand that the overall goal of all involved is to get everyone paid on time. 

Clarification: During the discussion of fall hiring at the July 23 meeting, there may have been some ambiguity around what supporting information is required for processing returns from short work break that involve a change in appointment.

The information on the 'P&A instructional appointments required documentation' chart is accurate: any changes in appointment from the previous year require that a draft offer letter and AHA form be submitted to CLA HR. Thank you. 

CLA Human Resources Folder on the CLA-Projects (P:) Drive
For your convenience, there is now a "CLA Human Resources" folder on the college's projects drive, as requested in the last Joint HR/Fiscal meeting. You may now place your required hiring documentation into the appropriate departmental file folder instead of emailing numerous attachments. Please see attached for further information.

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