IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hire a Grad Payroll Module (Inter-Sections)

If you need to make any changes to your graduate appointments after the appointments have been entered into HRMS PeopleSoft, you need to contact your financial service team.

At this juncture, changes or revisions need to be handled "manually" utilizing the HRMS worksheet with REVISION written on the top. CLA OIT is currently working on modifying the "Hire a Grad" module to accommodate changes to graduate student appointments after they have been entered in PeopleSoft.

However, until this modification has been completed, notify your service team of any graduate student hire changes or updates (cancellations; changes to: percentage of time, comp rate, job code and position #).

The service team will print out the current HRMS spreadsheet; write Revision on the top; make the necessary changes; and then forward to the CLA Payroll office in order to have the appointment changes made in HRMS PeopleSoft.

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