Vacation & Sick Leave

Many are making plans for time away around the holidays, and will want to keep in mind the days the University will be closed.  The 2009-10 closed days can be found at:


All other days, the University remains open, and offices need to be appropriately staffed to conduct business during normal hours of operation. 


Eligible P/A employees have a personal holiday that must be used between Dec 24 and Jan 18.  It's use it or lose it within these specific dates.  PA vacation/sick leave request form (UM1704) can be found at:  At a minimum, the unit needs to track the P/A personal holiday usage.


It's important to keep vacation and sick leave balances current, and for supervisors to check those balances before approving time away with pay.  As a reminder, negative leave balances are not permissible, and it is also not allowable to hold off on entering time away in the payroll system until an employee has earned enough of a balance.  A supervisor can learn the vacation and sick leave balance of an employee by going to, and searching in the HR reports for basic personnel information.  If adequate balances are available for use, the supervisor can approve the leave request, and follow up with submission of the signed absence cards within the next payperiod.


If at time of request an employee does not have an adequate leave balance to account for all the requested time away, the supervisor can chose to approve that portion of time as leave without pay.  When entering the vacation and sick leave forms into the system, the service teams will monitor employee balances, and notify the unit and CLA HR if a discrepancy is found.  This will allow all of us to quickly work together towards a resolution.


Please communicate this information to employees and supervisors of your unit.  Any questions can be directed to your CLA HR representative or emailed to

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